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Jinzhai underwater archaeology project start found two underwater ruins of the original title: Jinzhai ring archaeological project Hong Dian water start found two underwater sites in October 1st, approved by the State Administration of cultural heritage, the cultural heritage protection center jointly established by the State Bureau of cultural relics and Archaeology of Anhui province underwater research team under water culture Heritage survey officially stationed in Jinzhai, to carry out submerged underwater detection and detection in Xianghongdian reservoir of the former residence of Liu Mingchuan Liu Xinwei, commercial town Ma Town, and to provide material basis for cultural relics protection planning of Jinzhai under water. According to the archaeological program, archaeologists in July this year in accordance with the field of archaeological methods of operation on the basis of the remaining land on the ground to clean up Liu Xinwei. Liu Xinwei land site base site clear, there are a large number of bricks and tiles, to know the nature and function to underwater archaeology to further determine the end. From the beginning of the underwater archaeological project in October, the current stage of water surface detection has been basically completed, and the water surface detection mainly uses the high precision side scan sonar system and the related equipment to carry out the physical scanning of the underwater ruins. Scanning through the system, has been basically to find out the location and area of underwater remains of Liu Xinwei and Ma Wan street. The remains of the two profiles are clearly visible, especially the large size of the remains of the Ma Port Street wide range of archaeological team amazed. The archaeological team will according to the sweeping survey the situation to choose points underwater Tanmo, in order to further understand the distribution and preservation of these ancient relics, find out the real situation, for further protection and provide a reliable basis for the use of. Xianghongdian reservoir is a large reservoir tributary of the Huaihe River on the west of PI, one of the 1950s new Chinese governance of Huaihe flood control project, with flood irrigation, combined with the large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project of comprehensive utilization of city water supply, power generation, shipping and aquaculture. The construction of the Xianghongdian reservoir inundated one hundred thousand acres of farmland, resulting in one hundred thousand new immigrants, Chinese immortal feats. Flood the area includes the first governor of Taiwan Province, the former residence of Liu Mingchuan Liu Xinwei two bustling commercial town and town Ma Bu Zhen wave.相关的主题文章: