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Kunming Panlong villagers initiative turned over 30 years ago, the production team of guns (Figure) – Beijing villagers initiative turned over 30 years ago, the production team of firearms masses handed guns Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) the morning of August 24th, Kunming City, Qingshui River Longquan village villagers in Panlong District Office Cleaning primary production team warehouse, found thirty years ago production the team used to scare the birds guns, villagers contact the community police station will be turned over to the gun. It is reported that 24 morning 10 am, Qingshui River Panlong village Longquan District Office of the villager Zheng in the original production team to clean up the warehouse, found that thirty years ago the production team to repel birds guns, Zheng immediately notify the street leading to the community police station Yang Qinkun, three guns and cleaned out and handed over to the police. After the police identification, an air pistol, two homemade gun powder belong to gun control, should be paid, and to find people to praise. According to leading Street police station responsible person, carry out the "Kunming police firearms rule explosion since the beginning of the work, the Public Security Bureau Panlong leading Street police station actively organize police publicity for firearms rule explosion in the area. Posted "on the collection of illegal guns explosives crackdown on criminal activities involving firearms and explosives of the notice", issuing leaflets 623 copies, 127 copies of signed letters of responsibility, publicity of the jurisdiction of the masses, and actively guide and encourage the masses to expose criminal activities involving firearms and explosives. At the same time, the organization of the masses to grasp the jurisdiction of the District, providing clues related to the case involving firearms and explosives and other criminal clues. The street leading to the police station to remind the masses, according to the relevant provisions of the "measures" management of firearms in People’s Republic of China, in addition to the hunters and herdsmen hunting and pastoral areas due to production and living needs configurable shotgun, others can not purchase and possession of firearms. If an illegal possession of firearms, ammunition, or the manufacture, sale or transport of guns without permission, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the criminal law and other laws and regulations. I hope the general public to comply with laws and regulations, and actively report illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and other criminal acts.相关的主题文章: