Kwikset new smart door KEVO release support wearable device control (video) super bass

Kwikset Kevo released new smart locks support wearable device control Tencent digital news (Sean) Kwikset days ago released their second generation Kevo Bluetooth smart locks, this upgrade not only has a new design, the safety function has also been strengthened. Kwikset new smart door lock Kevo second generation Kevo also supports its iconic touch unlock feature, allowing users to unlock through a simple touch. But at the same time, it also added a remote management function that allows users to manage access rights through the phone, get the unlock notification, or browse the door lock activity records. Kevo can now connect to wearable and smart Home Furnishing devices, such as Nest, Honeywell Ring, Skybell smart thermostat, video doorbell, as well as a series of Android Wear devices, which can make it completely into the intelligent Home Furnishing system users, to facilitate a variety of automatic functions. According to a survey released recently in the Defcon hacker conference, smart locks are most likely to be invaded Home Furnishing intelligent devices, but Kwikset Kevo is the same type of products will only yield to a physical damage, and it won’t be affected by the invasion of the software. The new Kwikset Kevo provides 3 colors, is now on sale, the price of $229 (about 1530 yuan). Source: CNET life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: