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Lai Qingde was an accident Chen Ting Fei face   Toshiba: yesterday is today the "Princess" – Taiwan Channel – original title: Laiqing accident Chen Ting Fei face netizens irony: this last is "Princess" Chen Tingfei (left), Tainan mayor Lai Qingde (right). (source: Taiwan’s "United Daily News") Chinese Taiwan network September 9th news according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that Tainan mayor Lai Qingde has publicly said: "after 30 years of suffering, I spent 3 years to solve, recently, Tainan due to heavy rainfall caused many flooding, causing discontent. The DPP legislators Chen Ting Fei Yongkang issued a document on the Internet, such as water Rende, let netizen laughed and said "don’t know Laiqing good?" There are people who ironically this is Lai Qingde’s yesterday is the ‘Princess’". Tainan City, there are many places will be flooded during heavy rain, heavy rainfall has recently let water again, the farmer is worried, worried about crop water and sun exposure will wither, so it will cause serious losses. Especially he belongs to the range of drainage system and Yu Xi Yu Nong Road area, over the years the flooding situation has not significantly improved, so that residents Voices of discontent. In this regard, Chen Ting Fei explained in addition to the heavy rain over the flood control and drainage capacity standards "," Simon Creek drainage system has not yet completed the renovation is completed, the water conservancy department hopes to quickly perform the contract. However, Laiqing in 2 years ago had said in the year before the flood remediation Simon Creek, in order to solve the flooding nightmare. In current situation, also let netizen laugh says simply "Laiqing brutally beat face, this last is" Princess ". (Chinese Taiwan Zhu Lian () (Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Ying Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: