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Li Ensheng, "the sea to marry a woman," the transformation of surprise or shock? Sohu Li Ensheng portrait     entertainment; entertainment news by Sohu of Shandong television media group limited, Shandong investment Limited by Share Ltd produced film and television production, Lin Lisheng served as director, Ada Choi, gathered Wang Lei, Zhang Meng, Li Ensheng and many other idol strength actor city big emotional drama "the married women" is Shanghai hot shot. The play, much attention outside the industry since the preparatory stage. In the play as the only villain "sister" super popular actor Li Ensheng acting is progressing rapidly, the director and senior artists alike. The "sea" and Li Ensheng married Ada Choi yuanguluzhai niche strength Li Ensheng who plays Ada Choi’s death in a corner without static head. Ada Choi played with the same as the artist’s agent, the flower is not static, the only negative characters in the play, in order to win the artist, competing for resources, means no need to use their very, it is hated. However, compared to the character, the figure is more eye-catching. To fit the flowers without static "flower sister" such a title, Li Ensheng every day for a long time to make up, not only the hair dyed golden yellow, the foundation is harder than normal skin white and several color, then painted dark lipstick, exaggerated to feel that Li Ensheng could not bear to look". "To tell you the truth, some difficult to accept this dress, but for the role, it is ready to sacrifice," he joked, "although if you encounter such person in life, I will want to beat him, but still hope that we met on the road when I don’t beat me!" Small meat "alarm" transformation of Li Ensheng fear image gap Li Ensheng graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, participated in the filming of the "mind", "catch demon", "crow mouth rush that girl" and many other movies and television works. Although the works of different themes, but he is in the image of youth health in front of the public. The Li Ensheng in the "sea" in "the challenge of married female male and female" agent flower sister a corner is really surprising. According to Li Ensheng introduction, the location of the flower sister is about forty years old, and Ada Choi played the same age as the age of the age of age, so the lack of experience has become the biggest problem to be faced by the biggest problem facing the age of. Fortunately, he used a very professional performance skills and serious investment in the state of the outstanding features of the role, even the crew said he would fire". But for Li Ensheng, can this overnight explosion of red is not important, important is to break through the self, can let the audience see themselves more possibilities, this is his constant pursuit and goal.相关的主题文章: