Li Sheng on Gold September skyrocketing rhetoric in honor, gold 1350 is not the

Li Sheng on Gold: in September soared in the statement of honor, gold is not the top 1350 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! For the missing things, some people always feel surprised, if you can not stand the loneliness, do not understand the busy, if you can not wait for the shock can not meet unilateral. Since the price of gold near 1324 continues to rise, the U.S. offer period to accelerate the move up, eventually hit a high of 1352, the rise in violence let those short moment of dead heart. It pours, SIM hit 8 years the biggest decline in this time, the price of the move is mainly influenced by the U.S. ISM non manufacturing data, the data since February 2010 the worst time, is also 8 years since a single month fell the most powerful one. This let the interest rate at once to Ukraine vision. Also, just not how long the payrolls data, is only 150 thousand, it is it pours, which makes the original higher expected in September the implementation of interest rate face, pushing the price of gold hit a record high, non manufacturing SIM and LMCI power to create a dismal employment data gold rose. The disc plate rise continues, before the U.S. disc withdrawal is "Youkong" however, data on the market is actually a lot of people are always missing or wrong, because there is no professional knowledge as foreshadowing, will always be after Zhuge, some people even don’t know what ISM is, do not know what it means to raise interest rates. Or do not understand LMCI employment data can decide what. However, there is one you can’t deny that Li Sheng is the charm of firm formula. On Monday, Europe Asia plate rise continues, arranged more than 132526 u.s.. Yesterday strategy clearly pointed out in the retracement near 1321, if not to follow up, the disc must continue, U.S. callback, before the U.S. disc fell to 1331 is a very typical youkong. Voice to talk about the disk on the line just a firm words: tonight can not be empty to kill, the United States will accelerate the disc and broken high. Unfortunately, hard luck will Powei positions to cut positions deal, don’t look back, you know the past is doomed eternally, light, beautiful homeopathic contrarian mess. We all understand the truth, but still have a bad life. When the price of gold Powei 1330 on Friday, non-agricultural high position, when the disc plate increases when the broken top, when the disk data poor performance, when I advise when you don’t empty in short hoarse, is tantamount to sin. Because many times look forward to lucky miracle, but eventually lost in this line between yin and yang. Give up is a kind of attitude and pattern, don’t concede as the embodiment of recognized counseling. The day before yesterday morning, received a strong market lows to support this sentence is not new, practical formulas so few, just like the truth in life, know a lot of people, people do scanty. Tuesday’s market all the way up on a strong force, is a strong close, while the previous high position 1342 was successfully broke and closed above this position, the price trend in the evening with a word to form three相关的主题文章: