Li Yifeng Zhao Liying Yun Zhi Shenqingxiangyong Yi Xi smelt one thousand stay adorable (video) winsockfix

"Li Yifeng Zhao Liying Yun Zhi" Shenqingxiangyong Yi Xi smelt one thousand adorable Qingyun Zhi _20 > > > click on the video to watch "Tencent, Tencent Qingyun Zhi" entertainment news by Huan Rui century produced, according to the novel Xiao Ding, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi, Qin Junjie starred in the TV series "Qingyun Zhi" in Hunan satellite TV, every Sunday to Tuesday 22 p.m. two free. Tencent video, mango TV members, every Monday to Thursday night 20 points to update a set. In the Hunan TV drama aired, all in order to prevent the Wuyan Qin conspiracy, have entered the capital of Chongqing main palace Nevan ancient bat cave, signs of danger appearing everywhere. Li Yifeng Zhao Liying was trapped by merciless sea, found blood hole. On Sunday in the upcoming broadcast of the story, the hundred years of blood hidden secrets will emerge from evil, Xiaofan first volume mumbo-jumbo invasion of the body, Baguio windfall bell lady relics Hohuan bell. In the end of Chongqing city after the storm, Zhang Xiaofan will go to a pedestrian and Dinghai villa for second volume mumbo-jumbo, also easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi played the fox seven will be officially launched. Li Yifeng Zhao Liying blood hole Shenqingxiangyong all rushed to the village will Dinghai chapter of this Sunday Hunan TV new episodes, was involved in the relentless sea Blackwater Xuan snake Xiaofan (Li Yifeng ornaments) and Baguio (Zhao Liying ornaments), Shenqingxiangyong dilemma, feelings rise again. Then, two people broke into the black blood Tang Lian a strange combination of circumstances (old Xiuqing ornaments) and acacia (Zeng Li) sent Mrs. Bell’s burial place bleeding hole. Mrs. bell Baguio unexpected relics of Acacia bell, and then Mrs. bell to witness the small sacrifice black elderly child heart past, know to Mrs. bell bell "spoony curse pushed acacia". At the same time, is also the first volume mumbo-jumbo Xiaofan invasion of the body. The beast God awakening, all prevent Mr ghost conspiracy, old lord guard Yudu people sacrifice again of god beast seal. Calm after the storm, Chongqing City, Xiaofan surprised feather (Cheng Yi) and Xiao Yicai (Liu Xueyi ornaments) on the road for second volumes mumbo-jumbo. However, the way to get the small body mumbo-jumbo Xiaoyi only caused the blood of god beast attack, makes the plot tension deepen. For the second volume mumbo-jumbo suppress their bite, and Xiao Yu and Xiao Yicai in Dinghai Zhuang Jing, Zhuang already found by changshengtang people control, Baguio was also Doko Okyoko (Qian Yongchen ornaments) hijacked. To rescue shuilao Baguio, again a little. The two people in trouble, can take this opportunity to warm up? TFBOYS assembly line easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi and Zhao Liying stayed out of the beginning time and again by the adorable interactive, easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi played the fox seven, will also be in the next TV drama debut. Small injuries, surprised feather Lin Xian for Chinese medicine, but the other is six tailed Shenhu (Ren Jialun). In order to save Xiaofan, surprised feather for medicine Xian rescued the young fox (Xiao Yi Xi smelt one thousand ornaments). After returning home, Xiao Qi and surprised feather chatted about their story, monster identity is quite proud of, "I am a demon, all my family is a demon!" Dumbfounding. After seven came to the king, and Baguio staged a stay of the adorable "feed" interaction. Many users have said, "it will be the Baguio and seven adorable!" At the recent event!相关的主题文章: