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Liaoning, a tourist tour guide was listed tour blacklist National Tourism Administration issued, including a Liaoning tourists, including two tourists due to beating the tour guide, was included in the tourism uncivilized blacklist". Yao domicile is in Liaoning, in June 11th this year, Yao in Shaanxi Xi’an Mount Li scenic area service center to watch the tour guide for Zhao Zhao for guidance and understanding before Yao line is not the same, then the tour guide, beating abuse injuries caused by its. The behavior of the video on the Internet, causing serious social adverse effects. Through mediation, Yao submitted a written apology to the tour guide Zhao and pay 500 yuan. According to the "National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior records management Interim Measures", approved by the tourism uncivilized behavior record review committee, will be included in the Yao tourism uncivilized behavior record, information preservation period from September 18, 2016 to September 17, 2019, a total of three years. Tourist shopping is out of the store refused to rain Guide: no matter how awesome, this is in Yunnan! By beating video can be seen, Yao is wearing a white sunscreen clothing, with an accent of Northeast China, said while swearing, tugging a woman wearing a white shirt, hair, and kicked the woman’s stomach, but also repeatedly said: "she is tickling me." Someone shouted: "you are a big man playing a woman lost no shame." In the case of people repeatedly asked to let go, Yao finally released his hand. Liu Li, a visiting professor at the Shenyang University School of Tourism Management said, according to state regulations, yaomou beating behavior is tourism authorities into the uncivilized behavior record, will be announced to the public, and to inform the public security, customs, inspection and quarantine, inspection, transportation, finance and other departments and agencies, industry organizations and related operators. The relevant agencies and industry organizations, operators can be recorded in the credit system according to their functions and powers, restrictions on outbound tourism, border tourism, to participate in team travel, flight and other disciplinary measures within a certain period of time, such as the "blacklist" of the tourists, scenic spots can be restricted or refused. Liu Li said that even if the interests of tourists in the course of travel is violated, it should retain evidence, through reasonable and legitimate channels to safeguard their own interests, rather than through violence.相关的主题文章: