Lifan went to new season the first round of the war on the tour or avoid repeat 0-7 constant

Lifan went to new season the first round of the war on the tour or avoid a repeat of Milovic constant 0-7 in the match for a header photo by reporter Tang Hao Daily reporter Lu   honey yesterday is the sixth day of the lunar new year, Lifan team came to the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center, is a new team in the match. New aid Zheng Yourong, Milovic have played full court, this is also the 2016 season Lifan whole staff to the first match after the match. Early this morning, they set out to Japan Miyazaki, for the third phase of training for a period of 13 days, and from the opening of the new season in only three weeks. Milo improve the team with the Croatia international air defense capability rowitch meters coming, all the staff has been to the new season of Lifan qi. Yesterday, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, everyone came to the Olympic Sports Center, photographed a family portrait, indicating that the new year’s new journey is about to open. Yesterday afternoon, the team also ushered in the first Chinese New Year warm-up match, the new foreign aid Zheng Yourong and Milovic have appeared in the field. Defender Milovic and Luo Xin partner, Zheng Yourong and Wang Dong partner – back 1 meters, 95 Milovic had been particularly conspicuous. Gigliotti stood in front of him, and half his head was missing. Watch the game club general manager Sun Ligang on the sidelines exclaimed: "there he was, we are not afraid of the opponent’s long ball." It is understood that, in the selection of Milovic in the whole process, Zhang Wei watched his individual at least 8 games recently, after fully understanding the situation inside and outside the field, and finally finalized. Zhang Wailong told reporters: "I hope his arrival can make up for the lack of defense, play a new role."." Zhang Wailong dissatisfied with the performance of the competition through the first two stages of training, today’s Lifan in the overall offensive and defensive conversion speed has been greatly improved. However, Zhang Wailong was not satisfied with the performance of the opponents in the match yesterday. After the end of the first half, he pointed out the shortage of players loudly: "you run too long, what’s the problem first thought to fight the enemy separately, is to blame the referee, so last season will be played on the 0:7 score." After some adjustments, the performance of the second half of the team to make his face with a smile. For Lifan, last season that "Tianhe Massacre" is everyone’s heart lingering pain, although we do not want to mention again, but never dared to forget. Now the super club splurge on foreign aid, so that the entire market in small clubs. And for the first season of the new season will usher in Guangzhou Hengda, Zhang did not want to say too early. "There is a gap between the two teams. We can only narrow the gap as much as possible, and concentrate all our energies on preparation."." Japan tour attention to tactical details at 6:40 in the morning, Lifan team traveled to Chengdu, and then direct flights from Chengdu to Miyazaki, carry out the third phase of training. At the end of the Thailand tour, Zhang Wailong was satisfied with the overall effect. "Especially on the court, everyone’s tacit understanding has improved."." In Japan’s 13 day training, the Lifan team will usher in the Japanese second level League three teams pick" 力帆启程赴日拉练 新赛季首轮战恒大要避0-7重演 米洛维奇在对抗赛中争抢头球 记者 唐浩 摄   商报记者 鲁蜜   昨日是大年初六,力帆全队来到重庆奥体中心,进行了一场新年队内对抗赛。新援郑又荣、米洛维奇都打满了全场, 这也是2016赛季力帆全员到齐后进行的第一场对抗赛。今天一大早,他们就出发前往日本宫崎,进行为期13天的第三阶段训练,而距新赛季中超开幕只剩三周 的时间。   米洛改善球队防空能力   随着克罗地亚国脚米洛维奇的到来,新赛季力帆的所有人员已经到齐。昨日,在新春佳节之际,大家一同来到主场奥体中心,拍下了一张全家福,预示着新年新征程即将开启。   昨 天下午,球队也迎来了新春第一场队内热身赛,新外援郑又荣与米洛维奇都出现在了场上。米洛维奇与罗歆搭档中后卫,郑又荣与王栋搭档双后腰,1米95的米洛 维奇在场上格外显眼。吉利奥蒂站在他面前,也矮出了半个脑袋。在场边观看比赛的俱乐部总经理孙黎罡感叹道:“有他在,我们就不怕对手的长传冲吊了。”据了 解,选择米洛维奇的整个过程中,张外龙整整观看了他个人最近至少8场比赛,在充分了解了他的场内外情况之后,才最终拍板。张外龙告诉记者:“希望他的到来 能弥补后防的不足,起到新的作用。”   张外龙不满对抗赛表现   通过前两个阶段的集训,如今的力帆在整体攻防转换 速度上有了较大的提升。不过张外龙对昨天对抗赛中队员的表现仍然不太满意。半场结束后,他就大声指出了球员的不足:“你们带球时间太长,各自为战,有什么 问题首先想到就是埋怨裁判,所以上赛季才会被打出0:7的比分。”经过一番调整,下半场队员的表现才让他脸上有了笑容。   对于力帆来 说,上赛季那一场“天河惨案”是大家心里挥之不去的痛,大家虽然不愿再提起,但心中却从不敢忘记。如今中超俱乐部动辄一掷千金购买外援,让整个中超市场的 中小俱乐部如坐针毡。而对于新赛季首场比赛就要迎来的广州恒大,张外龙也不想把话说得太早。“两支队伍实力上的差距是有的,我们只能尽量去缩小这个差距, 集中全部精力去备战。”   赴日拉练专注战术细节   今天早上6点40分,力帆全队就出发前往成都,再由成都直飞日 本宫崎,开展第三阶段的训练。在结束了泰国的拉练后,张外龙对整体效果感到满意。“特别是在场上,大家的默契度有所提升。”在日本的13天集训中,力帆队 将迎来日本第二级别联赛的三支球队的挑战,以及和一支韩国球队进行一场热身赛。   转眼冬训已经进入了最后一个阶段,张外龙表示,在最后一阶段的训练中,将会把全部精力投入到战术细节上。“如今,我们人员齐备了,郑又荣和米洛维奇的到来会给力帆的后防提高安全度,现在不管是内援还是外援都在相互学习,希望新赛季让大家看到一个不同的力帆队。”相关的主题文章: