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LOL event bonus pool will be more than DOTA2? The fist game player – Sina Money League proposal written in front of the area: since DOTA2 is the highest in all tournament winning gold pool, motionless that tens of millions of. As the same type of game LOL, the user base may be far more than DOTA2, but the tournament prize pool was throw off several streets. Today, the fist can not help but also to enlarge the recruit: bonus pool to improve! Today, Tencent’s hero League official website released a notice on the event plan, a brief exposition of the "heroic union" and the future of the current situation. The highlight of the full text of the fist is to improve the program for the future of the tournament Award – the game will be included in the bonus prize pool, this initiative will be implemented in this year’s S6 world finals.   the content about the introduction of game props Revenue: from the beginning of the 2016 world finals, we will focus on the content of the game have adopted a series of measures to create an additional source of income for the player and team. It is probably the meaning of the game: after the game in the game to buy the money spent on the skin, will become an annual event prize pool, become a hero league professional team bonus. The three point is given in the fist elements: fans economy stability, is not difficult to make people see the fist is going to raise all the way to make LOL games sustainable development path, to occupation players seek more power from the user community in the game". Written in the following words: vaguely remember that the fist ever in the S4 period of the DOTA2 event TI prize pool model shows a position – this is a kind of "begging", will never learn DOTA2 this practice, however…… Ha-ha!   Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: