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Longquan, China’s thick porcelain sword – Sohu travel in China, there seems to be no place more than Zhejiang, China, the wind. Longquan, with celadon and sword, just a soft, yin and Yang, cap-a-pie is full of Oriental cultural elements. Longquan porcelain and sword, I actually do not know. I know the truth, can’t help dancing to jump up, here is the famous celadon, sword of the state. First sword, sword of Longquan originated in the Warring States era, has been for many years, it is long. Since the rise of the industrial tour, I went to the winery, pharmaceutical companies, and to visit the factory or the sword big girl car first time. Longquan has dozens of sword factory, we choose Shen sword shop in Guanglong. Into the exhibition hall, but show many swords, each a sword is fine, worthy of appreciation and collection. In the Cold War era, the sword is one of the decisive weapon on the battlefield, it is crucial to the quality. The sword seems to be accessory products of man, every dynasty men love not the same, therefore, the sword sword shape and work are different, with the symbol of his own history. The legend of Han Jian Yue sword river of the male and female sword sword sword sword Tang Yuan Ming Kangxi queen sword below this sword is the legacy of the Warring States period, its historical value is very high. Fuck, here in Nepal scimitar. Mongolia knife can not be less. Ma Yun also made a sword here, its unique bamboo type hilt, but did not see Wang Sicong. The sword carved a big name, but it was not the word, but the official. This series of swords cast nine at the same time, as if suggesting something. What do you mean, you all know, only I don’t understand. Longquan sword martial arts control often seen in the TV drama, such as the front of this cream is used by the sword sword. After visiting the exhibition hall to see the real sword production area, feel Longquan sword production scene. Seemingly very simple production workshop, in fact, the whole process is quite cumbersome. From the temperature control to the blacksmith, from the molding to cooling, it is make painstaking efforts. Simple processing workshops, but not for mass production of products, which is an important reason why Longquan shook the sword at all times and in all countries. I have not a man’s patent, but also as the sky. Two workers continue to each other, with a heavy hammer hit the middle burning red iron, which is thoroughly tempered. Iron in staff body splash, and spattered beside me, a white shirt for the second variable blink flower shirt, a rectangular piece of iron, the blade is completed, gleaming, standing. He turned the water dragon from cold, white and hard igneous front?. The sword shop owner in a media interview, talking on Longquan sword相关的主题文章: