Luang Prabang Laos sacred Buddha-govos

Luang Prabang: Laos Laos Luang Prabang: Sacred Buddha Buddha sacred rain Buddha Laos Last King left his palace in the change dynasties in the revolution of the history of the victory of the revolution and the economic reform makes the palace deserted and re brilliant experience. Luang Prabang today is no longer the capital of Laos, the former palace became the people to open National Museum. In Laos the town treasure of the Golden Buddha, Lao people are still incapable of further increase supreme, can not tolerate the slightest disrespect. When entering the Palace Museum, managers will be very careful to explain the rules here. The palace is not walk, will soon be able to walk about. Perhaps the Forbidden City wall deep impression too deep, Luang Prabang palace indoors and in my mind to imagine the Royal Style far more like a very wealthy literati temperament and wallets built in the courtyard. Hot and humid Southeast Asia, tall and spacious, well ventilated architectural style is the real symbol of power. Perhaps the Buddhist cultural heritage and Laos is concerned, even if the king’s personal life, don’t seem to be too far to the absurd point of luxury. When looking at the king and the Queen’s palace, also not necessarily can than the current characteristic of luxury hotel Jiaoshe where. The Buddha is enshrined in the palace, but also visitors to see the treasures. But I don’t know, for those of US tourists hurrying, far look in niches in the Buddha, worship and worship, is not really smooth career can bring great luck in making money. Luang Prabang ancient legacy, may not be able to stay in the the Imperial Palace in search of the buddha. Buddha capital style, which is more scattered in all over the Mekong River, according to the size of the temple incense burning. The sun rises, illuminate Luang Prabang’s high streets and back lanes. When the Mekong River ripples flashing, the monks also lined up to go begging on the back of the temple. Wat Xieng Thong is the largest temple in Luang Prabang, located in the river on the high cliff. Here was the Royal favor the temple, but until I approached the main hall, realized the temple without imposing gate. There is not even a complete wall, monks, Buddhist, tourists, since can import from many opening wall. At the moment, many pilgrims coming from from all sides to a funeral hall, is about to begin. Take off your shoes and walk into the hall. The hall was full of people. The monks dressed in full robes, elders centered, and then with the qualifications of the depth of a circle outside, the entry of those near the small monk and sit next to the laity, wriggling sitting restless, the elders and the middle solemn style became a contrast. In the face of the elders a kneeling four to be ordained young people. A man is almost required the life experience of laos. Xiufo is an important part of education, in most cases, the monk also does not need to be a lifelong choice, after a few years can quit then mortal days, but after a few years of monastic career, how much will worship Buddha Buddha as their life to nature. After paying homage to the teacher’s etiquette, the young man put on a formal gown. They lined up at the entrance to the temple, the elders to symbolize the bowl one by one to grant new disciple monk alms identity. To Buddhism, it.相关的主题文章: