Mawangdui Han tomb treasures treasures into the opening stage exhibit in the museum in Changzhou

Mawangdui Han tomb treasures treasures into the opening stage exhibit in the museum in Changzhou: Jiangsu Chinese source network original title: Mawangdui Han tomb treasures treasures into the opening stage exhibit in the museum in Changzhou yesterday, 7 cases of Mawangdui Han tomb treasures relics into the opening stage exhibit in the Changzhou Museum, two thousand years ago, and the combustion ash not smoked furnace and Xinzhui lady costumes the staff carefully placed a piece of cultural relics from the Han Dynasty "by three-dimensional" started slowly in the fuming furnace ash, melon seeds, red bayberry and other fruits still keep the basic shape, red painted figurines, figurines are mottled lips but the color is still bright…… After more than 1 thousand km trek, the concern of the "magic" Mawangdui Han tomb Treasures Exhibition of cultural relics arrived in Changzhou on 26, bid farewell to the road dust, "enjoy" the Museum of cool fishes. Yesterday morning, the Changzhou Museum floor temporary exhibition of cultural relics, entered the exhibition opening stage. The same day, the reporter witnessed the whole process of unpacking, inventory, transfer, showcase. Hunan Provincial Museum librarian Wang Hui said that the exhibition around the theme of "life" of this feature, 96 pieces (sets) of various clothing, food, pleasure, ideas and other aspects of precious cultural relics restoration of Han Hou capital a tyre, the public can truly experience a two thousand years ago the Han Dynasty noble life. Detailed inventory, each artifacts have to be 360 degrees to check the Changzhou exhibition, the Museum of Hunan province brought a total of 7 boxes of cultural relics. With a piece of cultural relics out of the box, a three-dimensional "Tu" from the Han Dynasty started slowly in the exhibition hall. Reporters on the scene saw three or four staff wearing white gloves, around a square table, one of them will be carefully a piece of fine cultural relics Pengchu bag box. Then, by the staff of the site for each part of the 360 degree of careful inspection, and checklists one by one, any trace of damage, scratches must be recorded, and confirmed by both parties. Red, black and white as the exhibition hall layout shape "the main colors of the journey from Hunan had been checked two times." Museum staff said that to the end of the exhibition, still have to conduct a careful check, it is considered successful handover. Next, a piece of cultural relics were placed in the showcase. The reporter saw, after the gloved staff gently put, also carefully, make some slightly move, ensure set well-proportioned. Some of them also covered with lacquer and silk acid paper, specially made for dust and temperature isolation lamp. In the place of lacquer, the staff also took off the gloves, "the painted lacquer on the age, this is done to avoid color paint off on the glove, or put the gloves on the fiber in cultural relics." Changzhou museum staff explained. A large number of silk, lacquerware, silk is what the ancients used "exhibition highlights puff like? What did they eat? What is the use of tableware? I believe that the exhibition brings a sense of history, but also to make the public feel interesting." Hunan provincial museum staff Wang Hui said, the exhibition of cultural relics is to life, and representative, Mawangdui can reflect on the history of art and culture, the.相关的主题文章: