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Arts-and-Entertainment If you have ever undergone harassment or discrimination at the workplace in public or even at home you need to stand against it. Any kind of discrimination that is based on color or sex needs to be nipped else the society we are living in will go to a state of anarchy. Profiling and singling out by police officers because of the skin color is till rampart in many parts of the country. If you have ever been subjected to such treatment its time you hire a lawyer to get justice and ensure that such incidents dont happen in future to anyone. In such a case you need a lawyer who is experienced and aggressive in getting justice to you. An attorney who will take a .prehensive approach, addressing every aspect of your case, including all potential legal remedies needs to be representing you in the court. Revelation law firm can boost of such attorneys on its board. At the Revelation Law Firm in California, the attorneys represent individuals throughout the Bay Area and California who have been subjected to discrimination or harassment because of race, including people injured by police abuse or brutality. Its this law firm under the able leadership of Melanie Popper that has been providing legal aid along with appropriate remedies for emotional and psychological health. A person who has been discriminated or exposed to wrongful conduct is not only in need of legal remedies but also requires emotional and psychological healing which almost takes a backseat in the majority of the law firms that indulge in such kinds of cases. Revelation law firm also represent people who have been subject to harassment at work because of the color of their skin, including situations where the use of racial epithets, such as use of the "N" word, or racially charged language has created a demeaning, un.fortable or hostile work environment. Our clients include people of all ethnic backgrounds, including Caucasians/Whites, African-Americans/Blacks, Asian-Americans, Latinos/Hispanics, and others. When handling situations arising out of employment, we use methods that help demonstrate to your employer, as well as the individual offenders, the significance of the injury to you. Protecting the rights of people who have been subjected to disparate or unequal treatment at work because of race or national origin, whether the wrongful conduct involves promotions, work assignments, office arrangements or access to travel, perks or other benefits. Revelation law firm and Melanie Pooper handle claims under federal laws, such as Title VII, as well as California civil rights statutes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: