Merrill Lynch 12% U.S. consumers intend to buy wireless headset airpod steam_api.dll

Merrill Lynch: 12% American consumers interested in buying Sina AirPod wireless headset technology news Beijing time on September 30th morning news, according to a survey by Merrill Lynch for American consumers, 12% American consumers plan to buy Apple Corp’s new wireless headset AirPod, this product will be on sale next month. Foreign media said that this ratio means that Apple Corp will absorb $3 billion in revenue. The results of the survey of consumer purchase intentions tend to be more optimistic, because consumers in the survey said they would go to buy is one thing, and when the product is really going to buy when the market is another matter. But even so, this figure is still very alarming. Merrill Lynch also said in the report, compared with Apple Watch Series 2, wireless headset AirPod attractive to U.S. consumers much higher. The report said: only a small number of respondents already have Apple Watch Series 1, while in all respondents, only 8% of the intention to buy Apple Watch Series 2." Wireless headset AirPod battery life is said to be 5 hours, and its appearance is very similar to the existing Apple Corp EarPod products, but also only white to choose from. One of the main features of the wireless headset AirPod is equipped with the latest Apple Corp W1 chip, so that users can easily use it with iPhone. According to the early evaluation of the people said, the appearance of this new product is a bit strange, sound effect is very good, the technology is very advanced. (Tang Feng)相关的主题文章: