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Minister of Agriculture: 2020 China dairy industry into the world’s advanced industry – Beijing, China News Agency, Shijiazhuang, August 26 (reporter Ding Dong) Chinese agriculture minister Han Changfu said in Shijiazhuang on 26, to accelerate out of a China road of revitalization of the dairy industry, dairy industry China achieve leapfrog development, and strive to 2020 the whole dairy industry into the world the ranks to 2025 entry into the world dairy power ranks. Han Changfu was held on the same day China dairy industry 20 strong peaks and the revitalization of the dairy industry conference for the presentation. He said that at present China per capita dairy consumption is only 1/3 of the world average, 1/2 Asian, accounted for half of the population of rural residents has little or no milk to drink, this is a China dairy short board. China about 1000000 dairy farmers, with about 10000000 cows, there are hundreds of milk prices, there are billions of people in the expanding market, we must vigorously develop the dairy industry, to speed up the revitalization of the national dairy industry. In 2008 the "melamine" event is a turning point in China domestic dairy industry, after 8 years of industrial upgrading and strengthening supervision, China dairy enterprises to form a large-scale, modern production layout, the proportion of large-scale breeding cattle reached 48.3%, the size of farms 100% mechanized milking dairy industry before the 20 strong enterprises; Chinese dairy production sales accounted for 51% and 54%, including Yili and Mengniu Dairy industry to enter the world top 20. China Dairy Association released "Chinese dairy quality report" shows that the fresh milk and dairy products sampling qualified rate reached 99.3%, 99.5%, 7 consecutive years of melamine and other illegal additives sampling qualified rate remained at 100%, the scale of farm milk protein, milk fat and other indicators have reached the level of developed countries. The day of the summit, Chinese dairy industry 20 companies jointly issued the "China declaration" commitment to the revitalization of the dairy industry, dairy consumption will comply with the need to upgrade, improve product quality, optimize the product structure, rich product range, meet consumer demand diversification, personalized brand. Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the development of varieties, the study of the most suitable for the needs of the people, the development of the most conducive to the healthy growth of infant milk powder, bigger and stronger international competitiveness of the national brand. (end)相关的主题文章: