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Department of Commerce: the European photovoltaic market shrinking export decline — energy — Beijing daily news (reporter intern reporter Jiang Mengwei Zhang Litao) since last June to August this year, 16 enterprises "in China is to exit the EU price commitment qualification, at the same time, the first half of this year, Chinese photovoltaic products exports to Europe fell sharply by 30%, therefore the industry has a point of view that China’s enterprises have been disqualified accelerate the decline in exports. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang at a regular press conference held yesterday responded that the majority of PV companies canceled the price commitment qualification of its own problems, but the main reason for the EU photovoltaic products exports decline or the EU PV market atrophy. Shen Danyang said that the EU trade restrictions to some extent affected the China PV exports, but the main reason for the decline in exports is a member of the European Union gradually cancel PV incentive policies, resulting in serious atrophy of the European market. Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce International Market Research Department deputy director Bai Ming told the Beijing Daily reporter, the European market atrophy led directly to the global photovoltaic market changes, the Asia Pacific market dominant position is more prominent, the decline in the importance the EU PV market in the global market. It is understood that, in order to solve the EU PV trade friction, as early as August 2013, reached between China and the EU PV price guarantee agreement, which means that Chinese photovoltaic enterprise will promise to export to the EU’s PV products with the lowest price and fixed quantity, while the European Union of these enterprises will be exempted from anti-dumping duties. Experts have explained that in the short term after the implementation, and in the price commitment agreement within the Chinese PV companies can escape from the collection of the average tax rate of up to 47.6% of the high anti-dumping tax "doom", China photovoltaic products in the European market price is still a considerable advantage. However, with the decline in the price of photovoltaic products, the rules of the minimum price is too rigid disadvantage gradually highlights. "China’s 16 cancelled price commitment to qualified enterprises, because of the price advantage disappeared, of which there are 4 voluntary withdrawal from the European market in Asia Pacific region." Shen Danyang said that there are 12 other suspected of violating the price commitment agreement was canceled. Shen Danyang also said that some enterprises have been canceled price eligibility issues need to be treated objectively. At present, China still has 105 enterprises in the EU price range. The European photovoltaic industry weak demand at the same time, China photovoltaic enterprises with Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries local enterprises increasingly fierce competition, Chinese lose the advantage of price commitment and other reasons, let Chinese photovoltaic enterprises share in the European market is very fragile. Earlier data also showed that the EU market has been installed in 2011 from the peak PV capacity of 22.4GW, down to 8GW in 2015. Chinese PV products in Europe, the market share is also declining, in 2015, China in the price commitment to the European PV exports 3.46GW, exports 1 billion 785 million euros. Due to the shrinking European market, the layout of the Asia Pacific market has become the choice of many photovoltaic companies. "In the layout of the Asia Pacific market, in the face of new pressures at the same time, to learn from the European market experience, step by step, the use of price competition and non price competition相关的主题文章: