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Minutes can help, TPMS tire pressure monitoring mandatory standard significance? Auto – Sohu recently, a news notice to China car nerves and tension up, the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee launched the "mandatory standard performance requirements for passenger car tire pressure monitoring system and test methods". In the near future, tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) will become the same as ABS, seat belts mandatory configuration, each new car must have this configuration. So, how to tire pressure monitoring work, it will have much ability, what does it mean for us ordinary drivers, mandatory standard in the end is not a good thing? Let us to interpret these problems. Tire pressure monitoring in the end what is the ghost, read only 3 minutes! In abroad, the mature tire pressure monitoring has been written into the automotive industry regulations, and in the Chinese market, tire pressure monitoring has just gone through the embryonic stage. On the surface, tire pressure monitoring is a display screen, the driver can clearly see the state of the high-end car tire pressure, tire pressure monitoring will offer tire temperature. The tire pressure monitoring system is responsible for warning the driver when the tire is not in normal condition, and it will react with other safety system when it is serious. According to the working principle, the tire pressure monitoring on the market can be divided into two kinds, more direct tire pressure detection system. It works very simply by measuring the tire pressure and temperature by a sensor mounted on the tire, and then transmitting the information to the receiver via a Bluetooth like wireless communication. After the receiver’s data processing, we can read the tire pressure and temperature on the screen. This tire pressure monitoring accuracy is very high, the technology is very mature and reliable, but because of the high price of the pressure sensor, so basically only in the above 150 thousand models. The old driver will have such experience, some flat tire, the car running there will be "sticky" feeling. This is due to the change in tire pressure, tire stress response changes, the final wheel speed will deviate from the normal value. This is the principle of indirect tire pressure monitoring system, through the measurement of wheel speed to achieve tire pressure monitoring, it is obvious that it can only be speculated that the accuracy can not be guaranteed! How important is TPMS, a new car partner? From a broad perspective, the car is driven by power, with 4 (or more) non rail type vehicle tires, car and walking on the road, finally through the contact of tire and pavement surface, which illustrates that the tire is one of the most important parts of the automobile, if no car tire pressure monitoring system, it is tantamount to a person wearing the shoes did not know whether the fit is comfortable, long time will inevitably have a variety of potential problems is not easy to find, think no tire pressure monitoring is really dangerous. In fact, the car in different seasons, different road and different driving needs, need suitable current driving environment parameters of tire pressure, especially in high temperature, cold, high humidity, more need to keep control of the tire pressure, when it is not suitable for the adjustment at any time. A very common case of life, in the hot summer running speed, high speed, road temperature.相关的主题文章: