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Networking Along with the capital markets to industry will gradually lose interest in great leap forward, the bank is coming to an end. As an industry growing pains, and stand in for all kinds of downsizing, removed from standing and transformation and, at the same time, show that industry is facing the blundering inflection point to steady. The following is a week news of the review:1, easy to buy investors to exit the inner turbulence job cuts off stood rumours everywhereRecently, stood up to buy DuoWei leaving employees, says the company has kept all employees, only staying held a few people did the cleaning up the left-behind processing. It is reported, since the second half, easy to buy up since the race after all, not willing to business investors continue to burn money support group buying business that from other new projects, a breakthrough decided to close business. All the employees have first RACES, the Shanghai headquarters staff held in succession sent. The reporter from other stands place traveled to understand, from easy on the recent buy more job seekers, all said the company was away, the reason is website will in the years off.Comments: 800 groupTo stood for, the biggest problem, maybe not talent, but money is hard to get. The more embarrassing, up to now, the domestic industry havent find a suitable way to profit, the only support them survive, only the wind is cast. But, is the so-called become also break, respectively secretary respectively secretary in the current capital market encounter cold and industry profit remains to be seen, stand Im afraid it is hard to get money from wind to cast. So the layoffs, covert a pay cut, from station to cut their advertising investment, such as a stand to maintain the principal means of livelihood.2, Groupon August $ 120.7 million revenue is up 13% from NovemberAccording to the American technology blog TechCrunch reports, the bank industry analysis Yipit company, according to the report by the stand Groupon August revenue of $ 120.7 million, annulus comparing growth of 13%. Groupon July revenue for 106 million dollars. Groupon revenue growth is mainly thanks to average every pen exchange sales rose 10%, the average number of coupon every transaction price up 5%. Two of the data is offset by the rise of the trading down to the impact of the company.Comments: 800 groupAlthough earliest has suspended its Groupon ipo plan, each big media have also bad-mouthing bulk order mode, but Groupon in August revenue growth, the model that is still not in a recession, and the steady development of the positive trend.3, Google curve to enter the Chinese team has late or find time to hustleIn Europe and America market try water, Google cant restrain jan.7 to China market interest. Yesterday, Google for the mainland market search and navigation services when Google HRSC. The reporter found that Google login page now when we to present the way is simple, and divided into the search box, specific group buying products and recommend two big functions, and listed the site, classification, jan.7 price range, discount, such as size different classification method. According to the official Google, when describing HRSC is a search tools. The content of the information from each team team to provide information in search of the party to Google, automatic right the content of the information the responsibility.Comments: 800 groupThousands of world war ii, the bank group of consumer demand has not simple search for information, the more need navigation web site to information to take responsibility, and Google but statement: Google no responsibility for the contents of bulk order information. This undoubtedly become Google faces a big when we shortcomings. In addition, Google without local operations team, lack of China market accurate grasp, this also is Google a big face when we defects.4, Groupon and the SEC settlement to the end of October or early November listingAccording to foreign media reports, people familiar with the station, the United States still hope Groupon schedule in October or early November its IPO. A news show before Groupon IPO will delay the company time. The people familiar with the media quoted the statement says, if all goes well, Groupon will start in the middle of next month the roadshow IPO. And the IPO plans to restart Groupon, partly because Groupon with the United States securities and exchange commission (SEC) is a dispute reached settlement.Comments: 800 groupBy the economic situation, Groupon influence postponement of the IPO, but did not stop. Because the current stand still in burn money stage, need a lot of capital support, and after several rounds of financing for investors, pressure and equity structure, the consideration of IPO has become a kind of inevitable financing ways.5, happy nets will business outsourcing 5% workers are restructuring and adjustDomestic well-known social networking site happy nets 15, the team announced, happy products and customer service will all outsourced to stand F group, to station to provide related services. It is reported, the cooperation of the both parties to begin in October, is handed a year. Both said that after the users happy, consumer behavior, such as DaiJinQuan has no effect. However, affected by this, happy nets will be about 5% of employees face restructuring and adjust.Comments: 800 groupHappy nets exit self-supporting business, turn and stand F group cooperation is a new attempt, perhaps will give to and bring benefit to both sides. One is the happy can give full play to their role in the circle of the contacts F group ascension reputation degrees. 2 it is happy also can be used as a team in electronic commerce a search for future B2C road to lay the foundation.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Raw material mill , Portable crusher , Stone crushing plant , Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.Aggregate jaw stone crusher plant:..crusher-machine../stone-production-line.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: