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"Mother" buy mung bean – Sohu maternal love and treasure my mother to buy food. Every time he said: "Mom, buy mung bean". What else is there? Eggs, red beans, soybeans, ice cream, etc.. Mung bean installed, what to do next. By the way, I pay for it. "Po, come home, don’t play." "Mom, hurry up! Boiled mung bean." I’ll wash the mung bean. "Mom, why don’t you cook?" "To bubble up to cook it." "Mom, look, the mung bean is getting bigger." "Wow! Long live the green beans." Full out myself! "Mom, sugar." Oh so sweet!" "It’s not hot!" Eat mung bean!" "Suck out –" "good," why do the mung bean ice "! A green bean!" Think about it, a green bean, how to do? "Ah! There’s a "seed in the bottle" one day, two days, three days…… Wow! Mung bean sprout! "Paul, want to eat mung bean ice?" "Mom, look, mung bean is growing up." – End– to the child every day to tell a good story – – – – – – – the biography was Yangqing was born in Keelung in 1962. Taiwan Chinese, Chinese Institute, graduated from the Graduate Institute of Chinese tsingda. Once Renhan sound press and the world culture publishing house editor, Ogilvy Inc, China copywriter times supplement columnist, in the evening news editor, the Tsinghua University and Taiwan University of the Arts lecturer. Once presided over the sound of Taipei "good men and women" broadcast, widely "love wanwansui" program, IC the voice of "Adam club" and "Adam and rose" and the TV program, Chinese Taiwan "wise survival" (The Weakist Link) program. I like writing, I have created ten children’s story books and picture books, more than ten novels and two sexes essays. At present, he is a teacher. The most proud of the children’s books, in addition to "Mom, buy mung bean! ", is the cooperation and Mrs. Liu Zonghui" Yuan Yuan "dream of getting rich, won numerous awards at home and abroad, have been deeply. Figure 000 Guohua was born in 1961, graduated from the Department of graphic design in Australia Griffith University, is now engaged in art design. Like drawing, outings and watching movies, I hope to draw more hope for the children to develop more new material, make fun of the work. The gummy love picture books, please indicate the source of the story, listen to the story of WeChat ID:ixiangpitang by two-dimensional code recognition, attention gummy love picture books相关的主题文章: