Motherboard Installation

Hardware Install the motherboard is not something difficult. There is no need genius certificate or intellect to be able to do so. But only require a willingness and thoroughness. To do this, we will provide a guide for you. 1. Special attention for the jumpers. Until now this really does not have a standard layout for the jumpers on the motherboard. This is because industrial motherboard manufacturer has a distinctive design layout. Although not pierce the respective producers. However, for your first time installing a new motherboard, we re.mend reading the manual book. Because not all products motherboard, have text descriptions shown clearly on the motherboard PCB. Do not guess. 2. Screw technology. It is Quite difficult to determine the right category for this. Before installing the motherboard, most of the casing has a screw that quite a lot. Optimize use. Try all point bolt hole fastening the motherboard installed. Thus, the motherboard can be installed in the casing with the sticky. But of course it is not the original pair. Adjust the length and size in accordance with the screw hole is used. 3. Use I / O Shield. An iron plate that works to close the rift there is between the input / output connectors of the motherboard. With a pair of iron plate, and in addition the .puter will look neat, the .puter also will be closed so as not be penetrated by dirt or insects. I / O Shield package is typically provided on a motherboard sales. Forms a specific, tailored to the availability of I / O on the motherboard that the product concerned. Should not use the I / O shield for the other motherboard, because it can prevent I / O is available. 4. Select the appropriate port. With the assumption that the pair of SATA or PATA drive to plug in any can make your system booting. Some motherboard provides a RAID controller for SATA / PATA. For its, a driver who usually included in a diskette. You must first install the new Windows XP. You also need to make first setting address in the BIOS and the RAID to be used on PATA hard drive. 5. Adjust the RAM. Previous many people say that to run a dual-channel, simply how to install memory in accordance with the color. If you install memory in the first blue slot, the second memory also should be so. But what if the motherboard has 4 memory slots with the same color? The answer may be found on the motherboard’s manual. If you do not get the right configuration for dual-channel memory, the system most likely experience a decrease in performance is quite significant. 6. Use the appropriate power connectors. In the latest motherboard, output connector using a different with the earlier. Therefore, pairs all have the power connector in accordance with that found in the motherboard, do not ever .bine the two into one power plug, because it can cause fatal damage. 7. Faulty processor. This is the part that so difficult in the motherboard. Because if you install a processor may not be your fault. In the old motherboard, you need tools to help screwdriver to remove the heat sinks. And a lot which is have a high level of difficulty. Therefore if you are still using the old motherboard with a socket (Socket A, socket and 478) should be careful. Now in the motherboard (socket 775, 754, and 939) can be spelled without having to install directly using screwdriver. The heat sinks far more easily operated, rather than processor time used. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: