Mount Yuelu scenic area 48 tourists were wasp sting was rushed to the hospital emergency department winfast

Mount Yuelu scenic area 48 tourists were wasp sting was rushed to the hospital emergency department – Beijing Evening News Changsha Changsha palm September 15th news (reporter correspondent Peng Fang Yang Fang) today, Mount Yuelu yourenruzhi. At 16:20 PM, occurred in the vicinity of the most crowded tourist cableway wasp sting, the scene to evacuate, the spot was stung tourists there are dozens of people. Changsha City, the 120 emergency center received calls, immediately sent emergency doctors rushed to the incident, the car has 3 times. 48 by the wasp stings visitors were sent to nearby Changsha City Fourth hospital. The hospital emergency department immediately launched the emergency procedures, all doctors and nurses to give up vacations, rushed reinforcements. Hospital leaders and general duty received a report, the dispatch of emergency medical department and nursing department, finance department, health department, first-aid station, Department of general surgery, Department of orthopedics, Department of Neurology, integrative medicine, rehabilitation medicine, Department of Dermatology, pediatrics and other relevant departments of the leadership and staff rushed to the emergency department guidance, rescue aid. Up to now, there are 18 people admitted to hospital, the rest are in the emergency stay. "Autumn is the season of the hornet’s nest, during this period, wasp breeding, nesting speed than ever faster, foraging process to disturb the extremely sensitive, easy to sting." Fourth hospital emergency department director Changsha Huang Yan reminded the public that the wasps generally do not take the initiative to attack people, sting incidents most people take the initiative to attack in the hive of reprisals, there are also some cosmetics smell often mimic natural fragrance, it can easily be mistaken for nectar and provoke wasp, alcohol also vulnerable to wasp attack. Lu Yu hive, the best around, if attacked, do not fight back; in case of wasp attack, first with clothes wrapped in head and neck, huddled motionless. Huang Yancheng, from wasps sting when venom contains nerve or blood toxin, have significant effects on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system. The wasp sting, should immediately seek medical treatment. (Palm Changsha correspondent Peng Fang)相关的主题文章: