Murray swept the Spanish veteran after qualify for the men’s singles final in Hainan, people.-zhongguorentiyishu

Murray swept the Spanish veteran after   qualify for the men’s singles final in Hainan,, in Windows beat Spain veteran Ferrell, net men’s singles top seed Murray, was among the finalists, from the world’s first goal a step closer. The 8 day, the men’s semifinal battle, Murray ushered in a very good state in Ferrell’s challenge, because of the gap on the world’s first Djokovic little, so this game is very important for Murray. Finally, he 6:2, 6:3 easily beat his opponent, will compete for the championship of the tournament and Dimitrov, the latter by Rao Niki Hussein out of the race win the finals. "Yes, I’m doing a great job right now." After the game, Murray made no secret of inner confidence. For the match with Dimitrov, Murray said, a very tough opponent, "he could have played well in a variety of venues. His movement is very good, feel very good, can in extremely difficult circumstances to reverse the decline." Murray predicted that the final process will be extremely difficult, but he will fight for the world’s first throne struggling. Women’s singles field, the last round of elimination of China Jinhua Zhang Shuai of Britain’s Conta, three hard disk 2:1 player Keith beat the United States, she will be with Poland’s A? For the latter radwanska champion, 7:6 (3), 6:3 beat Ukraine teenager J Vito Lina, again after a lapse of five years into the net finals. For fellow hole tower, Murray said: "it was a great year for her. The world’s top ten is a very new role for her, and there’s a lot to learn, and now is eager to see how high she can climb." (end) (commissioning editor Feng Xing and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: