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UnCategorized When it .es to finding things on the Internet, there are certain places you would have better luck or worse luck. Better luck is for you to try something like a classified ad site, not only because you can find what you are looking for but also because you can find it cheaply! When the Blackberry 8900 started getting really popular, I knew the only way I was going to find one (since it wasn’t out yet) was to look on some of these free classified ad sites. After just 5 minutes of doing a search I found about 500 different people across the city I live in, selling/trading these blackberries. Of course this was right after Christmas so I probably tripled my chances. But nonetheless, if you want to find something online this is the way to go! These blackberries .monly cost about $600 in stores where you could find them, but I was finding them on these ad sites for just under $300, some were even fair trades. Say an Apple iPhone for a Blackberry or something like that. Pretty awesome stuff! A lot of people will go on these sites and sell whatever they have to people just like you and for a very fair price! And unlike eBay if you want to post an ad you don’t have to pay any fees! Keep the ad up as long as you want, or reply to ads from whatever time period you want. I find that if you are searching on these sites FOR something, it’s fair to search as far back as a month before. After a month, I wouldn’t bother with it because whatever item the person was selling is probably long gone by now either taken by a person or the garbage! These sites not only have a various amount of items, services and products available, and they not only are cheap but the classified site is .pletely free to post ads, reply to ads and browse ads. So you know you are seriously going to be saving some big bucks on these websites. Let’s take a look at some of the category options you have on these sites: – Blogs – Business, .puter, personal, social – .munity – Activities, artists, childcare, lost and found, musicians – For Sale – Apparel, .puter, electronics, jewelry, event tickets, furniture – Personals – Just friends, men/men, women/women/pen pal, women/men, men/women – Employment – Admin, customer service, education, design, advertising, legal – Real Estate – Apartments, homes, condos and lots for sale, for rent, for lease, you can even find land for sale/rent – Services – Auto repair, creative, .puter, event planning, legal, lessons, movers, Realtors, office solutions, small business Of course I didn’t list every single sub-category because that would be plain crazy! But now you can see all the different options you have. I found the blackberry in the For Sale section after doing a simple search for my state and city. Obviously you can also do searches in other states as well because a lot of these people are more than willing to do a shipping option! Look around, see what you can find. Who knows, you might just find YOUR Blackberry 8900! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: