North Korea said the United States or unmanned aerial bomb expert U.S. soojin

The US military said North Korea or by unmanned airborne nuclear experts: towards the thank American inspired data figure: Korean UAV technology is backward, but equipped with a nuclear warhead miniaturization after the original title should not be a problem: the UAV delivery of nuclear weapons, reliable? Recently, the people’s Daily quoted a former U. s.military commander "a word full of irony." in the report: North Korea nuclear weapons on aircraft or drones inside, can pose a threat to South Korea and the u.s.. Then, the UAV can really deliver nuclear weapons? National University of Defense Technology national security and military strategy research center of military expert Professor Wang Qun told Technology Daily reporter, "in theory, as long as the nuclear warhead miniaturization degree or UAV payload capacity to meet certain conditions, the UAV may be loaded with weapons undertake limited nuclear strike mission. But the risk is very high, because the current flight control technology is not mature, the remote control technology can control error or interference, and because the flight performance of the UAV is not strong, there is the possibility of failure of penetration. Therefore, the former commander of the U.S. military in South Korea is more than just a word of ridicule, does not have much feasibility." Nuclear deterrence and combat capability has a great relationship with the performance of delivery vehicles. The delivery mainly depends on nuclear missiles, aircraft and ships three delivery vehicles, which has been called "three-in-one" strategic nuclear forces of land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic nuclear submarines (SSBNs) and strategic bombers three strategic nuclear weapons. In the three delivery vehicles, aircraft and other aircraft is a people first thought and the use of the two atomic bomb in World War II the United States in Japan are bombers for delivery. Compared with other conventional nuclear explosive devices, very heavy, very dangerous, so the aircraft bomb delivery requirements of large carrying capacity, long range, high reliability, strong protective ability, so as to ensure that they reach the enemy airspace against enemy air defense weapons interceptor, breakthrough air defense system, will eventually bomb on the enemy target and return. With the development of new material technology, the invention, in demand under the traction of the UAV as a high-tech weapons systems, may also become a delivery vehicle bomb, undertake a nuclear strike mission. However, Wang Qun pointed out that "in view of the particularity and the nuclear dangers and great harm, the miniaturization degree is not enough, and the load capacity of the UAV is very limited, the intelligent level is not high, the independent combat capability is not strong, the overall performance is far better than a plane flight, so there is no evidence that country used drones to deliver nuclear weapons." According to media reports, known as the "remote penetration bomber" of the new generation of American strategic bombers will be unmanned by the way. In this regard, Wang Qun said, it should still be classified as a pilot, but compared to the United States strategic bombers existing (mainly B-2A), stealthier, farther, faster, stronger load capacity and easy maintenance, and nuclear dual-use, network warfare. The drone is just a function of options for remote penetration bombers, similar to many existing civil aircraft, unmanned or can let it play a supporting role in some cases. As for its completely unmanned, especially the implementation of nuclear warfare, at this stage"相关的主题文章: