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Nvzei Zhuantou leading cadres to report corruption commutation two officials were punished – Sohu news room and so on arrested hand criminal verdict Fang Yunyun May 23, 2014, Ms. Zhang lived in a district of Anhui Province, covered with confusion to the public security organs in Hefei City, said the house is stolen, lost hundreds of thousands of yuan of property. At the same time, the public security organs also found that neighboring provinces also found that the modus operandi of similar cases. The case is significant, the next day, the public security organs for investigation. After careful investigation, the police found that the specific implementation of the theft behavior of two young women, are Fang Yunyun and Tang Shuiyan. Through the trial, involving more than one major interprovincial theft gangs surfaced. Fang Yunyun astray Shaanxi, 22 years old this year. After reading junior high school, from 2011 to 2012 to follow his uncle in Guangdong, Dongguan. In the summer of 2012, she met Tang when she was looking for a job. According to the memories of the house, the first meeting, Tang Shuiyan took the initiative to say hello to her, to produce a fake ID called Lin Xinru, said his name is Lin, such as. Two people later, Tang Shuiyan often gave the room and so petty, the relationship slowly close up. A month later, Tang Shuiyan introduced a man named Raymond Lam (real name Lin Xiaojun) man met Fang Yunyun, Tang Shuiyan said that Lin Xiaojun is her boyfriend, do the logistics business, let the real so call him brother Lin. After that, there is a room and so on feet at home. After Lin Xiaojun know, often come to being, to take care of Fang Yunyun, and chat with her. In the chat, Lin Xiaojun told Fang Yunyun, the ability to make a lot of money, has been a secret agent in the past, he was able to make money in the past. Also said that the original was ready to bring a Guizhou woman to help make money, and now he recommended to the Tang Dynasty Fang Yunyun. One day, don’t ask the house and so there is no long-term relatives can not go out, said she wanted to borrow his account to do an ID card. Fang Yunyun remembered his hometown aunt perennial not go out. Tang Shuiyan to the house and so on confidential briefings, asked her to use her aunt said, to do a false account of the qualifications, easy to find work. My aunt will lend this account for gospel truth, housing and so on. Fang Yunyun handed over to Tang Shuiyan, and soon in the local police station for the identity card of the police station for the use of the identity card, and then to the local police station. After Fang Yunyun know, Tang Shuiyan posing as aunt identity theft. August 2012, the use of the name of the Tang Dynasty aunt, taking advantage of pregnancy, was arrested in Henan, Zhengzhou theft. Lin Xiaojun after that, quickly find Fang Yunyun, to the housing and so on about 200000 yuan of money, so she went to Zhengzhou to keep out Shuiyan tang. In accordance with the address given to Lin Xiaojun, the room and so on to find the police station, will be about 200000 yuan to the police, the Tang Dynasty was released on the second day. At this point, the room and so on to know, before Tang Shuiyan called profitable business is theft. Your safe and sound is released, Tang Shuiyan appeared dismissive: "you see, when I was pregnant was caught by the police what things are not, ask a few words out." After the police investigation, Tang Shuiyan in 2006 for theft Yunnan province Kunming Xishan Public Security Bureau bail, after the escape; August 2009 for theft in Zhejiang province Lishui City Public Security Bureau Liandu residential surveillance, due to escape by online pursuit; 2011 1.相关的主题文章: