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The growing old man can’t go back to Japan. More and more people of insight have come to realize that China is growing rapidly at the same time. By 2050, 35% of China’s population will be over the age of 60, according to the WHO. Experts pointed out that China’s aging has two first in the world: first, the number of aging population in the world, the first of the world’s aging rate is two. At present, China has entered a period of rapid development of population aging. Sample survey of fourth China living conditions of the elderly, the elderly population Chinese structure is still dominated by young, 60~69 years old young elderly accounted for 56.1%, 70~79 years of age accounted for 30% of the elderly, the elderly aged over 80 years accounted for only 13.9%. However, in the next 10 years, the proportion of middle-aged and elderly people will rise significantly, pension issues will be more prominent. Moreover, many elderly people have only one child, and their children will gradually into the elderly, the two generation of pension problems may form a multiplier effect. The basic cause of aging is the increase in life expectancy and low birth rate. Pernicious, Japan has years of deep low birth rate, aging Japanese quagmire, fewer children minister Mori Masako in 2013 that even when fewer children for the Japanese "national calamity". Today, the proportion of elderly people over the age of 65 accounted for the highest proportion of the total population, reaching a record high – – 27.3%. Look at the Japanese society Daily: gym and piano training more than half of the members is 65 years old, the restaurant is more suitable for the elderly food, easy to chew; for the convenience of the elderly to buy disposable diapers, store inventory if the old man couldn’t lift the pile up like a mountain hand, and convenience stores also provide delivery service. Almost all the taxi drivers are old, domestic service is basically the old lady. About half of those aged 65~69 are still working. Everyone will be old, but from the macro perspective of the state and society, a society lack of young people, is doomed to lack of vitality and vitality. Unlike Japan, China’s aging wave is later than Japan’s.. Chinese people’s life expectancy is only 76 years old, the world ranking is not high, its role in the aging process is still small. At present, the main reason for China’s aging is the long-term downturn in fertility. All two children in some areas more or less cold proof, in addition to policy factors, a low fertility culture has been formed. 20 years ago, Japan has implemented stimulus fertility policy, such as the establishment of parental leave system, on the spread of sick children care leave system, such as childcare facilities and strengthen the amplification of nursery infant and maternal health services. Even the introduction of the basic law of the child less social law and other laws to encourage fertility. From April 2010 onwards, the Japanese children under the age of 15 guardians of children receive a monthly subsidy of 13 thousand yen. Local governments at all levels in Japan will also be universal payment of fertility and school enrollment, the first child is generally tens of thousands of yen, second children will increase to hundreds of thousands of yen, the more children celebrate the higher the gold. As for the cost of kindergarten, the more children the lower the cost, or even free. Some big companies have also implemented a 3 year maternity leave system to encourage employees. However, the above measures.相关的主题文章: