Only blame Zheng Shuang too pure, smiled very little other big science (video) 3u8895

Only blame Zheng Shuang too pure, "smiled very little" other big science "smiled a while Qingcheng" triggered a massive girl heart exploded, but we still summed up several cannot repair Bug. One is Xiao Nai is a short thin trunks; shellfish slightly hot, not all pure Meng Yiran campus Belle; when we’re blind! Although the drama is very good-looking, this version of the Xiao Nai and Bei slightly also let people love, but in my eyes, conscience, read the original, Zheng Shuang’s appearance was not the original "world fortune". "Beautiful eyes, hook people eyes forever red lip, hot body, Imperius photo soul beauty." In fact, the original poster, or to move in this direction. However, Zheng Shuang is more suitable for small fresh dress, the style is light. If you want to see a big chest 34C charming beauty, it can only make up their own brain; but you ignore the 34C, her as a pure version of the shell slightly, then the shape of Zheng Shuang may be your appetite. A couple open "kiss stop" model Yang Yang Zheng Shuang all couples dress a sweet face you and I said this is not a good woman? Obviously good pure, not artificial! Although, the heroine of the Bay slightly roommate, the protagonist Xiao Peng’s roommate, as well as referred to the shell of a little beauty, said she was not safe, forced to brainwash us. But…… Zheng Shuang obviously dressed simple, not artificial, and those outside the enchanting point are not the same. It is a small fresh countryside girl, as long as you don’t brainwash a glamorous woman, is very beautiful. The cowboy waistcoat is consistent with students’ temperament, is also very suitable for shielding around…… As for the home to play the game’s dress, is the majority of leisure sports wind, the color has also chosen a more lively colors. So, for the "34C big breasted glamorous beauty, and out of those silly white sweet point are not the same, so successfully lost to the pure campus Belle commentary on the flowers, only this thing, I will not speak the smile…… Well…… This is a TV series, although beautiful girl, but ask your eyes, who is more pure? Perhaps the most in line with the hot image of the shape is the red dress of this career line, Zheng Shuang said he had several layers of sponge. Click to play GIF 1989K Click to play GIF 1523K another piece of micro brain tonic "seduce overbearing president, and staged shame play" when wearing a red dress, from ASOS. Click to play GIF 1793K click on the play GIF 1756K at the party colourful dress is also a lot more than usual, is ASOS’s candy printed dress, but also sweet and lovely route. Can’t afford to buy a mobile phone to buy clothes, can hold up to God! Although Zheng Shuang is a mobile phone to buy a half day students, but it does not mean that she can not afford to buy clothes; although she is wearing clothes are pure and pollution-free, but does not mean that her clothes cheap! The first time and meet God, Bei slightly specially selected "good woman" is not only cheap suit, shirt is Michael Kors, the skirt is Chanel! According to stylist around informant reported that this one and.相关的主题文章: