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The moon is 9 or the new Audi A5 S5 exposure Sportback official figure – Sohu Sohu [car new car] recently, Audi officially released a new generation of Audi A5 Sportback and S5 Sportback official figure, two car follows the current four door fastback coupe design, is expected in September 29, 2016 the opening of the Paris Auto Show officially unveiled. A new generation of Audi A5 Sportback MLB based on Evo platform to build, the new car has been compared to release of the new Audi A5 Coupe uses a more practical four door and fastback rear door design, besides the front styling and Coupe consistent version. The rear part of the car, the new sliding back door is very smooth, and in the back of the cabin design is a small duck tail. The length and width of a new generation of A5 Sportback were 47331843 1386mm, wheelbase 2824, compared to the current model does not change the basic size, length and wheelbase increased 21mm and 7mm, width and height are reduced 9mm and 5mm. Interior design, the new car basically followed the design style of Audi A5 Coupe, equipped with a 12.3 inch LED LCD display screen and control Taiwan independent display control panel below the simple design, but also equipped with a new optimized MMI interface and the shift lever. In addition, the new car uses a leather interior design and ortek blue phase collocation, and are equipped with leather seats and 30 color interior atmosphere lamp. At the same time, a new generation of Audi A5 Sportback optimization of the internal layout, making the rear space and luggage compartment space larger. Another new generation of Audi S5 Sportback in appearance A5 Sportback more sporty than the silver grille design of the front face looks more aggressive, while the new car is also the family silver outside mirrors, red brake calipers and bilateral four exhaust design. The interior, the new overall design with A5 Sportback, but in the material selection of carbon fiber to make it more collocation, the interior of the whole atmosphere more prominent sports, sport seats in the front and at the same time with the diamond texture looks more luxurious. Power, a new generation of Audi A5 Sportback, will be equipped with 2.0TSI gasoline engine, the 2.0T low power gasoline engine maximum power of 190 horsepower, high power version of 252 HP, transmission system, 2.0T engine matched with a 6 speed manual or 7 speed S dual clutch gearbox tronic. In addition, the new car in the overseas market will provide a variety of diesel versions as well as a 2.0TFSI gas engine equipped with Audi A5 Sportback g-tron. The new generation of Audi S5 Sportback equipped with a new 3.0T turbocharged engine, the most.相关的主题文章: