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(original) desert, the first pier tourism Sohu (original) desert, the first pier 0 gentleman over more than and 600 years across the desert became roaring and wild, in an open mind and a cavity clear feelings, their sacred duty and young life into dragon Eagle dance posture, engraved in the quicksand rolled up the undulating elegant layout, let the hands pray with armor air look, guarding the dark yellow desert twilight, the roaring wind narrative of spring gentle, warm summer, autumn and winter of mature, serious, with the call of the sun and the moon with a desert and tremor to agitate, winter bleak, horses neighing, smoke and lonely desert sunset oblong. Only love TaoLai river flowing through the wash up at high altitude, and watch as to make percussion mind every year Biye, taste a desert vigorous and bold, feel the different wind direction changes different scenery, even if the rest of the sand soil pier, thickly leathery also proudly stands, the unique style. This is your first Jiayuguan the Great Wall pier, Hebei and Shanhaiguan Bohai Lake "laolongtou" echoes, wear more desert, mountains, meandering miles distant at each pier fort, the Great Wall Road, even Guan Shan, shouldering the Hexi Corridor Royal backs soil, common in the Ming Dynasty to build the the Great Wall and the Great Wall line "dragon". Is this seat with loess hangzhu pier, southern Jiayuguan and Qilian Mountains not only convey the information of the military export task, Yima, or Yi camel firewood and boarding station, east of Jiuquan, West desert, north of Jiayuguan, south of Qilian, the formation of a history of his richly endowed by nature, as the ancient the "Silk Road" of the transport hub. Don’t know more than and 600 years ago in August ten May is round, the number of officers and men of the frontier, in the face of the border here every night sky, look at the moon, looking down and think of home. In this long pier, Wine luminous cup, the moon Trinidad send home, how passionate dream depart to my own idea Xiaofeng on flowers, I only drink a cup of wine that exudes a wild man heroic ripples, spill out. Only drunk, just let people think of a smoked grass flourishing leaves and withering flowers in Jiangnan area, the joys of spring catkins flying in flowers, in the water in the desert life texture toggle chord green dream, let the waves of camel carried away Qin Gu Yue, the legacy of long bamboo flute blow. As the sand and the eagle chirping and the wolf’s cries also become beautiful sound of Tianzhu, watching the geese fly south and how a cloud in the air to talk, to the vast desert and forceful and polished the Jiangnan purple red sand every slope seems crooning, here each contain storage of weeds a young life of desire, as if the dead black thorn are active in be not of the common sort, wind and sand every year to fight in the mountains receive Chuiai, elevation height Eagle singing poems. Now, I’m standing in the first the Great Wall pier side, see the winding Qilian peak snow capped off the blue sky, and how the pier tawny Taolai River Canyon cliffs and yellow brown on both sides of the Gobi River Valley in the green stone, gravel and相关的主题文章: