anonymous heroes end at the door

in May, Dynasty collapse, Huangtai Sun throne, Testament kings of neighboring countries in Wude to the capital. Wang from Peking into the funeral, Wen Chao Naizhi. Versed when Wang Zun is heavily owned, multi lawless. Emperor Naqi Tai, Huang Zicheng plan, slashing the desire because things seq. Dread Yanwang Jiang, not fat, is the first waste Zhou Wang Xiao, trying to pull Yan. So tell pry everywhere, Hunan, generations, Qi Min begin with sin waste. Within anxious king, Yang Kuang Chen Ji. Thailand, in addition to Wang Zicheng dense Quandi, Royal outstanding. Jianwen year summer in June, reports Yanshan one hundred Ni understanding change, catch Academy in understanding, Zhou Duo, etc. Fuzhu. Issued an edict to the king, and sent in the official catch palace Dai, WANG Sui Cheng Ji Benedict. Douzhihuishi Tse, governor Zhang Bing Bing in order to keep the palace. Wang Yan Mou dense and monk, so commanding Zhang, Zhu satisfied Warriors eight hundred people can dive into the House guards. Autumn in July GuiYou, anonymous heroes end at the door, its population

you know sooner or later fall into the hands of the left phase

like me, no fame, no background. After receiving his inheritance, just let out, left onslaught tight grip, almost no one would dare to take over, but to give a newfound friends, you know sooner or later fall into the hands of the left phase, just to avoid being trampled effort looked in vain sad Bale. "Lu Bin dawned general, said:" No wonder you want me to look for new faces, no background. He was said to be the kind of person easy to manipulate, later collected back. "" It is easy manipulation, of course, is also a factor. Missy continue. "Hugh Shen Wen face a little serious." He is now engaged in an action depends on turbulence, we’ve clearly. The third problem is the purpose of the. The problem I think