of Liu Bei, Yuan Shu can just attack south of Xuzhou, therefore, strongly advocate lifting Liu Bei Lu Bu’s distress. Pei Ji Ling to a large army to attack southeast, Liu Bei ready desperate fight, the two sides at loggerheads on the occasion, and to the army Riboud for both mediation reconciliation, Ji Ling due to coalition forces commanding personally, had for the time being Babing during which abnormal Riboud also performed a clever trick stunt, In longbow shot inserted in one hundred fifty paces beyond Yuanmen Euphorbia twigs, in addition to the Yuan, Liu both parties to show their prowess, but also quite romantic that he is completely in line interference Lord God, make conspiracy hegemony in the East Yuan Shu victims. Liu Bei, after

This sentence with the letters in the sentence seems to be a meaning.&quot

in any danger? "Dragon Nine:" History of the main fact we are not allowed to tell Missy threatening letters thing. "Fu Gang:" This is really troublesome, Shi Lijun and refused to reveal his secrets with Dr. Yu. Very easy to get it? Aumann: "Live really did not find any clues you?" Dragon Nine: "My men have found a metal fragments written word. History told through the main fact, this matter can not let the outside world know that the police and so we secretly hid the pieces, no to the police. "nine dragons were broken out of a piece of iron, top with luminous paint wrote the words: Serena, you really let me down! I said: "This sentence with the letters in the sentence seems to be a meaning." Xue Ling: "Yes ah! Letter also said, ‘but Sai Lina too let me down’." Aumann: "I do not know phrase What