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Parade, Luoyang Heluo Culture Tourism Festival – tourism Sohu on the morning of 20 nine points, 2016 Luoyang Heluo culture tourism festival parade staged a wonderful second. The parade to "industrial city, the light of science and technology" as the theme, the main line in Jianxi area. Carrying foreign performance team of 13 floats from the peony square of Tianjin Road, Zhongzhou road along the reach Chinese YITUO Group in front of the square, the wonderful performances, attracting many residents and tourists come to watch. Heluo Culture Tourism Festival China Luoyang Heluo Cultural Tourism Festival is the Luoyang Peony Festival after a very Chinese Luoyang local characteristics of large-scale economic and Trade Cultural Tourism Festival, from 2010 has been successfully held 5 sessions, this is the sixth session of the Heluo culture festival. The cultural festival to "swim Heluo smart landscape, enjoy the Millennium royal park style" as the theme, in the 18 event held in the main activities of the 6, 12 special activities, the overall coverage of the many fields of economy, culture, tourism, commerce, exhibition, sports, entertainment, such as the opening ceremony of the parade the world art festival, wild animal carnival, water table delicacy festival. Exotic art show this parade theme as "the city of light industry, science and technology". In the parade, from Russia, Mexico, Columbia and other countries of the folk song and dance team performances more than 100 actors in the Peony Square on the west side of the stage, has brought an exotic cabaret open up a fresh outlook for the public. After the end of the exotic art show, followed by China traditional theatrical performances. Parade this year to participate in the parade of floats all specifications are unified, length of 12 meters to 13 meters, float production materials from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and all of Handmade. Parade, about 20 students from foreign performers every float, every float speed of about 10 kilometers per hour. The parade attracted a large number of local residents and tourists attention, the atmosphere is very hot相关的主题文章: