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"Passing from your world" Liu Yan special secret love story – Liaoning campus Belle channel — original title: "passing from your world" Liu Yan special secret love story "the swallow Ryuiwa Atsushinobu campus Belle loved PigHead Yang Yang said" women "don’t understand" in the movie "passing from your world" with Liu Yan Yue Yunpeng together again, as Yue Yunpeng’s girlfriend "campus Belle" swallow. In the exposure of the individual special edition, Liu Yan spoke for the first time for the role of understanding: "her life is very passive, even I think she will go abroad is no way to face some pressure in reality, including PigHead love, too heavy." For the "love proposition swallow whether love, Liu Yan said PigHead" when she saw the script in doubt, in order to more accurately grasp the heart in the group when she was discussing with the director, and the director gives the answer "I want her love, help her excellent finished this drama very heart the role of the rich. The special edition of all the creative are from their own perspective and interpretation of the PigHead love swallow. Pig head in the film chasing a car, can be made up the audience’s tears, pig head actor Yue Yunpeng for this love sincerely expressed "I think she does not love, from the beginning did not love."." While Liu Yan gives another perspective to understand, "she is the campus Belle she didn’t need to force yourself, when Xinrusihui or a place in the sun, breaking up is very easy, but the swallow is not put it down." Deng Chao to "come over" identity exclamation: "love is their own things, others can not explain."." Zhang Jiajia, the original author of the film, thought that the Swallows had come home to say that the plot of the breakup was, to some extent, very courageous". As the film "pig head" good brother Mao eighteen actor, Yang Yang also found that the feelings between the pig head and swallow is true, "I think the swallow or love pig head, but she."…… Well, women don’t understand." At present, the love between pig head and swallow is still hot, love or not? The audience also need to see the film after the answer. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)

《从你的全世界路过》柳岩特辑揭秘校花爱情故事–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:《从你的全世界路过》柳岩特辑揭秘校花爱情故事   柳岩笃信“燕子爱过猪头” 杨洋感慨“女人搞不懂”   在电影《从你的全世界路过》中柳岩与岳云鹏再次合作,饰演岳云鹏的女朋友“校花”燕子。在此次曝光的个人特辑中,柳岩首次谈到了对于这个角色的理解:“她的人生都挺被动的,甚至我觉得她出国一定是没有办法面对现实中的一些压力,包括猪头的爱情,太沉重了。”对于“燕子是否爱过猪头”的爱情命题,柳岩表示在看到剧本的时候她也存有疑惑,为了更准确地把握燕子的内心,在进组时她曾与导演讨论,而导演给出的答案“我希望她爱”,帮助她出色完成了这个内心戏非常丰富的角色。   特辑中众主创也纷纷从自己的角度解读了猪头与燕子的爱情。猪头在片中追车的一场戏可谓是赚足了观众的泪水,猪头的扮演者岳云鹏对于这段爱情诚恳地表示“我认为她不爱,从一开始就没爱过。”而柳岩给出了另一个角度的理解,“她是校花她不需要勉强自己,心如死灰或郎心如铁的时候,分手是很轻松的,但燕子是不太放得下的。”邓超以“过来人”身份感叹:“爱情是自己的事情,别人解释不了。”电影原著 编剧张嘉佳则认为燕子专程回国说分手的情节“在某种程度上已经算很有勇气”。 作为影片中“猪头“的好兄弟茅十八的饰演者,杨洋也认定猪头和燕子之间的感情是真实存在的,“我觉得燕子还是爱猪头的,只是她……女人嘛,搞不懂。”目前,猪头与燕子的爱情还在持续引发热议,爱还是不爱?还需观众到影院观看后自己解答。 (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: