Peach 2 light beta does not delete files received t6570

"Peach 2" light beta does not delete files received novice card booking | peach 2 area lead: this round, do their own! "Peach 2" light since last Wednesday open beta does not delete files after the new service "Mingyangtianxia" and "thief", "the creation of the world" the influx of acclaimed numerous game player! By 360 the exclusive agent of the "peach 2" by the national goddess Victoria Song endorsement portrait, in response to the many fans of the enthusiasm, the official decision at 16 pm at the opening Victoria Song fans exclusive new service "Qian family corps", thanks to the majority of game player support! The whole transaction economy play a round of subversion, the screen top round masterpiece, Daguai also dropped unlasing props, "peach 2" take you to experience a new round! "Peach 2" Victoria Song appeared in the game [Full] new service acclaimed new service has been opened, for ranking in the intense sprint at the same time, don’t forget the "peach 2" reducing the burden of social system diversified oh. In this round of the game screen fine system, there are many amazing map screen, also super adorable girl want to become their make a living away from home alone, Huhuashizhe, flexible use of gangs, team, plus friends system, inviting them to make fast datangshengshi! "Peach 2" full open service [entertainment] "casual play" peach 2 has a small leisure system rich, have a dream home in the land of idyllic beauty of the king, not only can enjoy the fun of rural life, but also friends and farming, watering, fertilizing, kill stealing monsters, there are a lot of small game and friends can learn from each other! "Peach 2" spokesman Victoria Song [hot] gold red list new clothing "Mingyangtianxia", "thief", "the creation of the world" and "Qian home fans exclusive service corps" Red List activities are hot, those who reach the corresponding level of power and target game player, can immediately access the huge packs! There are many media packs waiting for you to receive! "Peach 2" animal Phoenix this round, do their own! "Peach 2" light beta does not delete files waiting for you to fight! This round, do yourself! The new round of 2DMMORPG free light "peach 2" "peach 2" official website address "" Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: