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Peking University sold pork on Entrepreneurship: Official Shen sea students first employment education "- Sohu Mid Autumn Festival holiday period, has received extensive attention and controversy of the two" pork "university graduates, Lu Buxuan and Chen Sheng, the pork shop opened in Jiangsu City, the capital of Nanjing. "Peking University sold pork" sign from the local people queuing "wets" panic buying, curious to sell pork tastes are not the same as what. The two was born in 80s 90s, Peking University business pioneer, also with their own experiences and give a fashionable wave of entrepreneurship "lesson". In Nanjing local supermarket pork stalls to buy food, in the face of uncle aunt, Lu Buxuan stood on the meat before the case, carefully use eyebrow shaver razor size, quickly give a piece of pork skin off fine invisible hair, and then cut the bone cut meat wrapped, polite to customers. A series of quick action and quiet, people can not imagine such a skilled "butcher", was Chinese Department of Beijing University graduate, the literary talent. Lu Buxuan stood behind the "boss", is also a Peking University Chen Sheng. Two people with the elite, their practice, and ultimately the same thing, take the "butcher meat". Their experience, in 2003, triggered a public debate and controversy on higher education. Lu Buxuan, 1985 in Shaanxi County of Changan province college entrance exam, Chinese admitted to Peking University Department of employment after a bumpy road, from the state-owned enterprises, and business setback, then forced to sell pork for a living; in 2003, due to the "Peking University students to sell pork is famous; 2008, and Chen opened" pig training school students cooperation "at the same time, operating their own pork chain stores. Chen Sheng four years earlier than Lu Buxuan graduated from the Department of economics, Peking University, was assigned to the Guangzhou Municipal Office of civil servants, mainly responsible for writing a variety of government documents speech". "At that time, the monthly salary of 86 yuan" and "at a glance by head of the civil service career, so Chen Sheng decided to quit the sea. From foreign trade to real estate, Chen Sheng walked all the way. Around 2000, Chen Sheng found that the market has no real soil nutrition to eat pork, pork will go to the countryside to find relatives, economic elite graduate he immediately found the big market ", decided to set up farms selling pork. Two university alumni cooperation opened the first "pig training school", Lu Buxuan even as "how to sell pork pig," wrote the "textbook", cultivate professional managers "butcher". In the interview, Lu Buxuan told reporters that at present, the "pig training school" in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou set up a class. Since 2008, more than eight years, a total of more than 80 classes, each have hundreds of graduate students, become a professional pig pig, trained with regularity of talent management. We are the basic income of college graduates, most of the graduates have also embarked on a management position, the middle of the enterprise". But Chen Sheng had invested tens of millions of pig enterprises, set up selling points in the number of large city, the current income of 100 million yuan. From 2003 to now, more than ten years, "University"相关的主题文章: