Pineapple parrot doll basket inventory fashion circle brain hole wide open bag

Pineapple parrot doll basket inventory fashion circle brain hole wide open bag lead: pretty girls love your bag, you will choose what kind of daily back bag? Want to come to the general is a number of more practical, suitable for commuter class bags. Of course, stylish and good-looking, but most of them are absolutely conventional. We occasionally also want to be funny, become so, some out of the ordinary, not on the brain hole wide open bag to save games, some adorable cute, some crazy and fashionable, in short, on the back of the bag, the mood of the day will be very good! (Editor: @philtre) in recent seasons, teenage girls dominate the fashion world, so more and more designers are trying to design a bag that will appeal to young girls. Of course, I’m not eyeful of pink and bow, but those other people stay adorable, cute, a look is reluctant to put down the bag on the back after feeling very Meng Meng Da, but it is very fashionable! For example, recently popular Loewe package and package baby panda. Victoria Song back Loewe IU bag pink elephant panda back pack since Loewe animal series after the fire up, you find a lot of bags are brain hole wide open design animal model. For example, the Kate Spade Radley series flamingo, dog bag, LuLu Guinness cat bag and so on. Kate Spade series Radley bag LuLu bag Flamingo dog Guinness cat bag and this season of spring and summer 2017 fashion week, there are many brands are doing animal shaped bag, it can be a popular animal stock trend a few season, love and fear over the girl can be assured to buy. Take has been in the design of brain hole is very open Thom Browne, this season there are many other dog bags, inspired by designer dog Hector, but the mosaic design, color is cream, so stay very adorable. Stay Thom Browne bag and adorable dog Ashley Williams the show moved to a large grocery store model, carrying a small bag out laughing is the lamb. Ashley Williams 2017 spring and summer series of course, the brain hole wide open also put the cat into the explosion of shoes sold Charlotte Olympia, did not expect this season and show other parrot bags there. Charlotte Olympia 2017 Series in the spring and summer bag and a parrot parrot just how can stop Charlotte Olympia a powerful and unconstrained style, in addition to other animal of the bag, the show and many other fruit bags, such as a bright banana bag, practical strong package and slightly watermelon is a little big pineapple package. Charlotte Olympia fruit bags in addition to animals and fruits, designers have begun to seek inspiration from life, so,.相关的主题文章: