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Ping An Securities: electronic industry performance Puzeng upgrade opportunities Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line bloggers to guide the electronic industry weekly: electronic industry influence Taiwan earthquake, apple pay end into China: Ping An Securities Limited liability company researcher: Liu Shunfeng of Taiwan earthquake and electronic industry: early in the morning of February 6th Tainan earthquake, TSMC, UMC and other panel makers workshop equipment although no major damage caused by the earthquake, but the wafer fragment has let the manufacturers do not eat for a moment, FAB to miss the water and electricity, the earthquake is a fatal problem. According to the Research Institute ICinsights estimates, as of December 2015, about 58% of the world’s pure wafer foundry capacity is located in high-risk areas of earthquake, which is located in the earthquake belt of Japan and Taiwan, as of December 2015, accounted for 39% of global IC production capacity. Taiwan Fab if due to earthquakes, typhoons and other close factors ranging from one month to three months, for the impact of capacity, if we consider only the Hsinchu capacity, which not only affects the Taiwan total wafer production capacity of 45%, shut down a month will cause a loss of $9 billion 300 million for the global electronics industry chain sales.       ApplePay will promote the development of NFC payment: 5 in the morning of February 18th, ApplePay login to the Chinese market, only 12 hours, Apple users bound by ApplePay UnionPay bank card more than 38 million. This figure compared to the hundreds of users billions of dollars of Alipay and WeChat seems unlikely, but in fact the activation of the proportion of users has been very high. According to the central bank data, in the first three quarters of 2015, the amount of mobile payment 84 trillion and 760 billion yuan, an increase of 466%, mobile payment habits have gradually developed. The ApplePay into China, the major banks to actively respond to the promotion, the formation of NFC mobile payment prospects favorable, future support NFC payment function will also become the standard of smart phones.       last week electronic plate performance review: after the week, CSI 300 index trend better, up 2.96%. Industry sector, building decoration sector rises greatly, including building (CITIC) rose 9.19%, building decoration (Shen Wan) rose 8.27%, 27 SWS industry index belongs to the 28 and CITIC industry index without a fall, there are different degrees of increase. Among them, Shen Wan electronic index rose 8.16%, outperforming the CSI 300 index of 5.2 percentage points.       Industry Week review: electronic industry performance Puzeng, upgrade a lot of opportunities: 1) electronic industry performance Puzeng, upgrade a lot of opportunities, 2) apple industry chain future performance pressure, 3) Security Industry Valuation obvious advantages, 4) LED industry performance is lower than expected, 5) panel industry supply surplus into the new normal.     &nbs theory 平安证券:电子行业业绩普增 转型升级机会多 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   电子行业周报:台地震影响电子产业,苹果支付终入华   机构:平安证券有限责任公司   研究员:刘舜逢   台湾地震影响电子产业:   2月6日凌晨台南地震,台积电、联电等面板厂商的厂房设备虽未有重大灾损,但地震造成的晶圆破片已让大厂们吃不消,对水、电一刻也缺不得的晶圆厂来说,地震是一大致命伤。据调研机构ICinsights预估,截至2015年12月全世界约有58%纯晶圆代工产能位于地震高风险地区,其中位处于地震带上的日本与台湾,截至2015年12月占全球IC产能的39%。   台湾晶圆厂若因地震、台风等因素关闭一个月到三个月不等的时间,对于产能的影响,若仅考虑竹科的产能,其不仅影响了台湾总晶圆产能的45%,停工一个月就会对全球电子产业链销售造成93亿美元的损失。      ApplePay将促进NFC支付发展:   2月18日凌晨5点,ApplePay登录中国市场,仅仅12小时,苹果用户通过ApplePay绑定的银联银行卡就超过了3800万张。这个数字相对于动辄用户数过亿的支付宝以及微信看似不大,但实际上激活的用户比例已经非常高。   根据央行数据,2015年前三季度移动支付金额84.76万亿元,同比增长466%,移动支付习惯已经逐渐养成。此次ApplePay入华,各大银行积极响应配合推广,对NFC移动支付前景形成利好,未来支持NFC支付功能也或将成为智能手机的标配。      上周电子板块表现回顾:   节后一周沪深300指数走势较好,上涨2.96%。行业板块方面,建筑装饰类板块上涨幅度较大,其中建筑(中信)上涨9.19%,建筑装饰(申万)上涨8.27%,申万所属的27个行业指数和中信所属的28个行业指数无一下跌,均出现不同程度的上涨。其中,申万电子指数上涨8.16%,跑赢沪深300指数5.2个百分点。      一周行业回顾:   电子行业业绩普增,转型升级机会多多:1)电子行业业绩普增,转型升级机会多多,2)苹果产业链未来业绩承压,3)安防产业估值优势明显,4)LED行业业绩低于预期,5)面板行业供给过剩成新常态。      投资组合表现:   以海康威视、硕贝德、鸿利光电、国民技术、麦捷科技为标的构建投资组合,15年年初以来累计投资收益率达到54%,跑赢沪深300指数68%,跑赢申万电子指数16%,跑赢中信电子元器件指数12%。      风险提示:消费电子行业景气度下滑,行业制造管理成本上升。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: