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Travel-and-Leisure Spain is considered to be a heaven for tourists. Vast beaches, well connected cities, big parks, museums, old castles, churches are some of the many attractions available for the tourists. Logrona, a city located to the north of Spain is a part of La Rioja province. History of Logrona is traced to Celts and Romans. The mighty river Ebro has blessed Logrona with abundant vegetation. Like any other place in Spain, even Logrona has places of interest for the tourists. Let us take a tour of this city. Our first place of visit is a stone bridge called the Puente de Piedra built in the 11th century. Incidentally, Logrona has shot into fame because of the pilgrimage place; The Santiago .postela. Those who go to this pilgrimage spot will have to cross the city of Logrono and they will have to cross the stone bridge. Thereafter we can see the other bridge which is constructed using iron. According to history, this bridge is presumed to have been built in the 19th century. In fact the stone bridge was decorated with arches and towers. Remains of the arches and towers can be seen even to this day. Our next visit is to the the Pilgrims fountain. This is also called as the Pilgrims shelter which was built in the 16th century by the famous architect St. James. This was built as a resting place for those who visit Santiage de .postela. This is a spectacular building. The building with single nave has Santiago Matamoros image. Also found are the images of Patron of Logrono and Virgin of Esperanza which are held in high esteem. The building has beautiful works of sculpture also. Our next visit is to the Cathedral which is also known as cathedral of Santa Maria la Redonda. Archaeologists say that this cathedral was built during the 15 to 18th centuries. The unique feature of this cathedral is its towers which present a beautiful view of the market and its surroundings. They also say that the cathedral is built on an old Romanesque church. The cathedral is famous for its outstanding carving works and other works of sculpture. The carving of Gregorio Fernandez and the cross held by Michelangelo are the two masterly works which should never be missed. As we move on, we see enormous buildings like churches, cathedrals, palaces which are outstanding examples of masterly works of architecture by the ancient architects who lived in Logrono. These are unbelievably beautiful works which are certainly a challenge to the modern architects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: