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Poor food environment is easy to eat outside the school dining table who will supervise? With the beginning of the new semester, the primary and secondary schools near the small table and other custodian agencies also began to hot up. These small table provided by the dining, rest services, to some extent, as part of the dual workers parents relieved the worries. But the author found that in the investigation, due to the lack of supervision, some of the small table hosting institutions exist fire safety, food safety, disease prevention and control and other hidden dangers. According to the survey, many of the "small table" place of business is in the vicinity of the school or the residents of the building facade room, and even some in the garage, the dining environment is poor, employees without health certificate and training certificates, food storage, processing and cross pollution, to a certain extent affected the children’s physical and mental health. At the same time, because the business site for "family", the food processing places a small area, kitchen facilities layout is not reasonable, plus the operating profit is low, the operator is not willing to transform into. Small table is small, but it is related to the healthy growth of children. "Small table" supervision should have emergency measures, but also a long-term mechanism. First of all, the government should give full play to the leading role of the public utilities, as an important task to grasp. The government may establish a joint organization, to spread the business, before the food and drug administration, fire protection, health and other departments of the authority to gather together, make concerted efforts to develop. At the same time, you can call on the school and community street office jointly run the student canteen, by the government to purchase services. Secondly, the operators should strengthen their own management, enhance the awareness of food safety, regular health examination, to participate in food safety training to obtain licenses for legitimate business, and is equipped with qualified health facilities for the "small table" to provide a safe and healthy environment. Again, to increase supervision. At present, the small table regulatory issues is still a blank. Suggestions to carry out legislative research as soon as possible, the government formulated the "management regulations" primary and secondary school students off campus hosting sites, designated departments regulatory responsibility and supervision departments issued relevant rules, strengthen the supervision of top-down. Food and drug supervision departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of the "small table", according to the provisions of the strict market access standards, exposure is not qualified "small table", and the punishment according to the law, supervise the lawful operation, and earnestly safeguard the students physical and mental health. Wang Guangqing, Peixian Audit Bureau of Jiangsu Province相关的主题文章: