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Portal live to save the gospel of traditional media workers? If you pay attention to the live broadcast, you must know the story outside the wall. As early as a year ago, Facebook’s Mentions application will be to reporters, including the authentication user to open the live feature for the layout of the video UGC model. Mark · Zuckerberg said that every day there are 500 million users to watch video on the Facebook website. And the number of users for live video comments more than 10 times the ordinary video. In a large profit space. However, due to the wall of the news, the broadcast of the well-known sensitivity, China’s Internet giant, until a year later, they were playing in the hands of the card. Sina first shot. In May 2016, Sina called "eye" broadcast platform was established, 3 months later, the NetEase launched the word "Skynet" broadcast strategy. A live broadcast on the Internet portal, seems to be brewing. From the reporter to the director, only one cooperation you should know, on time in 19:00 for "news broadcast", to get the news and information era, has become the past. But the problem is that the news video editing is far more complicated than text, pictures of the traditional Internet products, not to mention plus live. This is CCTV, local television stations, mastered the decades of technology, process of the road, really so easy to copy it? Sina News is to do so. It has developed a "fool" type navigation software. As long as a mobile phone, a media reporter China well versed in the rules, can be in any place, a live with an air of importance. Even if she never worked on tv. The effect of even par cctv. In addition, the host can be made one, even behind the camera, the editor can also be instantly from the "white" turned into "the director". Only need 20 minutes to familiar with any of the 1 procedures, can use the computer skilled employees can, through the "fool" operation, to achieve a variety of screen switching, subtitles, angle etc.. Because Sina News in front of the server technology breakthroughs. The director of software can be easily launched multiple broadcast, and free switch, can set the video quality parameters, but also can realize the function and effect of mixing, pip. For example, shortly before the Sina eye live jointly "JINGWAH times" to launch the "40 anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake Festival", take the two signals to live the way, and the PIP technology, fully showing the scene picture Tangshan Memorial activities. Under the technical support of the traditional media harvest war of course, in the moment, fool type of live, and not fool promotion, especially for the huge impact of the portal news platform. Traditional paper media will be the first to taste the crab. Due to the special news broadcast social influence, the current Sina, NetEase, the traditional paper media as the preferred cooperation. This is a win-win thing. Join the print media and other traditional media, can not only ensure the professional content output, can also provide security for news portal endorsed相关的主题文章: