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The high-end market positioning millet Note2 price hit 4000 yuan [IT168] – Sohu digital information before the millet has said that the second half of this year will launch a high-end flagship mobile phone millet, but 5S still adhere to the price of 1999 yuan, in some respects, make some Rice noodles down, then they began to look forward to Rice noodles this year millet flagship product millet Note2 it is reported, will be using hyperboloid screen, dual camera technology etc.. It is now exposed millet Note2 offer time and pricing, from this price point of view, millet Note2 millet is indeed a product of the impact of the high-end market. In reply to users, analysts said @ pan jiutang millet Note2 will be at the end of October release and sale. As for the price of the machine, Pan Jiutang said, the user needs to prepare 4000, which means that the top version of the millet Note2 will be priced at 4000 yuan, at this price, millet Note2 is a millet used to open the high-end market products, basically is worthy of the name "true flagship". According to previous revelations of information, millet Note2 will use LG hyperboloid screen, 5.7 inches 2K resolution 3D Toch, equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, combined with 4GB 6GB RAM+64GB 128GB storage ROM, and with the Samsung GALAXY S7 with a 12 million pixel camera sensor, and supports four axis optical anti shake function. In addition in the live millet Lei Jun has revealed that millet Note2 has been under development, which further illustrate the machine not far away from the official release.相关的主题文章: