Price forecast Shagang ex factory price increases very price

Price forecast: Shagang ex factory price increases very price hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Treasure Island News (market analysts: Guo Yang): Introduction: Shagang due to maintenance plan and then discount amount, supply late on the market greatly reduced, mills very price will still stronger, or to support steel prices. Therefore, it is expected in mid October or slightly raise the price of steel. Price forecast: Shagang ex factory price increases very price of raw materials [] in early October, the market price of raw materials is narrow consolidation. Import prices in early October, the mainstream smooth. National Day holiday period, the overall stability of the iron ore market operation, market transactions less business is not very active. Downstream steel market prices fell sharply, the market atmosphere is not a product, no support for the iron ore market. After the iron ore market bearish atmosphere thick, port spot prices fell slightly, the market wait-and-see atmosphere thick, and the port spot transportation resistance is still large, the overall market turnover is not ideal, expected short-term or weak run. In early October, steel prices slightly weaker. Tang billet in the range of 2080-2120 million tons of shock, the market sentiment is not good, with the majority of the downstream rolling with the use of mining, steel market prices are under pressure, it is difficult to have a larger performance. Mid with the closing ceremony of the World Horticultural Exposition steel plant, sintering section plans to 10 to 20, limiting the production of 10 days, which did not complete the sintering machine control limiting the production of 50%, completed according to weather heavy pollution emergency plan implementation, will boost the formation of the steel market. In short, the current price of raw materials for steel prices limited support.   [steel price] in late September mills policies continue to fall sharply, not subsidies in place, the market is still in the state upside down. In early October, the leading steel plant policy down 30-50 yuan, prices will remain strong. In addition, 10 is expected to two mid Shagang thread production line overhaul, in October second, 3 steel plans to hit the 40 percent off again in the original nuclear quantitative basis, the specific implementation of the new period for the October 2 discount 65% off, in October 3 the implementation of the new 70 percent off discount. In this light, behind the Shagang supply significantly reduced. Visible, rather than cut steel mills to cut the next policy or to very price.   (Hangzhou spot price) can be seen from the following table, in early October so far the main market prices steady wait and see. During the holidays, the overall market changes, some businesses early returns, downstream stocking volume slightly, the overall shipments can be. Although the current market inventory is high, and the arrival of the warehouse during the holiday season, but the total inventory has declined compared with last month, and the stock is relatively dispersed, the overall pressure is not large. In addition, the first overhaul, Shagang production, post market supply or slow down. In addition, in October is still the traditional peak season, steel mills and steel trading business is still relatively strong expectations, attention to the situation in the late demand volume, short-term steel prices or slightly stronger.   [price adjustment pre theory相关的主题文章: