Prospective students frequently fraud personal information 3 angle packaged for sale invictus gaming

Prospective students frequently fraud: personal information 3 angle packaged for sale "information dealers" in the dialogue said to "hide the limelight". Network screenshot reporter obtained a high school student information content is very detailed. Network screenshot original title: prospective students information package sold 3 angle in August 28th, the 6 suspects on suspicion of fraud Linyi Xu Yulin prospective students were all arrested, her case may soon be solved, but Xu Yuyu’s still staged all over the country. In the era of information flow in the network, everyone’s personal information in the hands of the information traders in only a few cents to sell. And then bring about the endless harassment of everyone and even personal life and property violations. Beijing news will launch a series of telecommunications fraud investigation report, for personal information disclosure, telecommunications fraud Township and grant fraud investigation. Shandong prospective college student Xu Yuyu was a case of sudden death of fraud is still fermenting. With the case of several suspects have been arrested, the telecommunications fraud insider also appears to be gradually opened. According to media reports, before the implementation of fraud fraud has mastered Xu Yuyu personal information, and for the reasons for the disclosure of information, the local education bureau said, did not disclose their personal information". In fact, information disclosure has been rampant on the Internet for many years, so the number of fraud cases. Today, it is not difficult to buy personal data on the internet. Recently, the reporter found that there are still a large number of "information merchants active in the QQ group, reporters and members of the group after the success of the simple exchange buy prospective students detailed personal information, personal information and even parents information 3 tops, packaged Goods are available in all varieties., price of 10 thousand yuan 100 thousand. Verified by reporters, the higher the accuracy of information. The information traffickers claiming to be the data of the invasion of the Education Bureau, came to an extraction of tens of thousands of data information, can sell a few million". While the "information dealers often do what buyers will not intervene. In dealing with the reporter with a number of "information merchants", found that students, newborn, owners, owners, hospital diagnosis and other personal data information are clearly marked, in addition to the individual, as well as the company operating such business, the chain of black interests seems to have been ingrained. The sale of a search that students are unannounced visits to data information joint parents Xu Yuyu experienced telecommunications fraud, most people are a little shocked is a liar how to accurately grasp her information, to apply for grants to call her family on mobile phone. Beijing News reporter recently visited the Internet and found that targeted to buy the student’s information is not difficult, in the hands of the traffickers, the students of the school time, ID number, parents name everything. Reporters through the QQ search function, search hot words, immediately got hundreds of relevant QQ group, many of which group name for "information" sale "students, the owner, the owner of the data information transaction, these people at a glance the keyword in the group announcement in the exhibition. Reporters apply to join the student teachers and parents to sell information, information trading, owner data information number and other QQ group, a few minutes later joined the group chat. In these members within a group have to buy to sell, the number in the tens to hundreds of people ranging from the group at a "sell the latest student data letter Xin相关的主题文章: