Protection of cultural relics when severely punished

When the person punished illegal when it comes to protect cultural relics protection of cultural relics, it is easy to think of the novel, the plot of the film: Tomb Raider haunt of smugglers, jade, bronze, rush into danger, overseas head on the folk, the very valuable loss. When criminals who steal and smuggle antiques are brought to justice, people applaud. However, if the name of "renovated" demolition of ancient buildings, to create stylish new city beautiful, how many people realize that this is also the destruction of cultural relics? For the legal issues of illegal corporate cultural relics, the State Administration of cultural heritage recently decided to carry out the deployment of a national cultural heritage legal case special rectification action, focusing on the protection of immovable cultural relics. China vast and diverse climate, regional culture and customs of rich and colorful, reflected in the building and the city style, is one of the characteristics of city, city one scenery. However, after decades of large demolition, those with regional characteristics, carrying the history and culture of the building, contiguous blocks disappear, some included in the protection list of immovable cultural relics damaged disappeared, instead of the monotony of the spacious street, square and edifice. The reason why the formation of thousands of city side, the destruction of immovable cultural relics is an important reason. The ancient buildings and historical area, why not large demolition? Because they are the carrier of historical and cultural information, is an important historical and cultural relics. China is a long history of national history and culture, there are many carriers: Books records, oral legends, folk art and considerable audible Xiwen, ancient buildings and historic district. The physical space of ancient architecture and historic district is the ancient social life and the specific scene, also contains ancient ideas, aesthetic emotion and other rich information, is the most intuitive, can touch the history and culture. They not only explain today’s social life from where, from what, but also to show the human social form, the rich and colorful way of life. Nowadays, with the rapid development of globalization, the social form and life style of human beings are becoming more and more homogeneous. If the world is a similar house, food, clothing, utensils and lifestyle, then the culture and aesthetics will be so boring. The human soul needs the nourishment of the multi culture, and the creativity of the human society needs the mutual stimulation of the multi culture genes. To protect the diversity of history, culture and life style is not only the poetic topic of the human soul, but also the important affair of the human society. One-sided emphasis on the achievements of GDP impulse, cultural relics protection law enforcement is lax, weak awareness, is an important reason for illegal cultural relics. The heritage legal cases of special rectification action is strictly from the law enforcement, from the sound and perfect institutional mechanisms to strengthen the pursuit of violations and constraints. Ancient buildings, historical and traditional residential areas are non renewable precious cultural resources, they have survived from ancient times to today, should be handed down to the future in our hands. (Feng Shouyan) source: Guangming Daily    相关的主题文章: