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In 1840 the Qing Dynasty, there are Chinese mining gold mine here – Sohu travel in 1835, Melbourne basically no one living. In 1840, the population of Melbourne was ten thousand. In 1851, the discovery of gold in Melbourne, a large number of people from around the world (mainly American) to come to Melbourne gold, including a large number of Chinese laborers. As a result of the gold rush, the population of Melbourne grew rapidly, and gradually became a big city. According to historical records, in 1836, Melbourne’s population of only 177 people, by 1851, the population is 29000 people, to 1854, has reached 123 thousand people, the gold rich American San Francisco (San Francisco) Melbourne is also Chinese be cast into the shade, so called the new Jinshan, since there are many local Chinese schools, shops the name of the company, is a "new Jinshan" of this name. The flow of time, passing of night, came to Australia in Melbourne gold mine, as if into 150 years ago in Central Victoria??? Gold tide?. The city of Melbourne used to have several names. In August 12, 1842, Melbourne was officially established as a town. In June 25, 1847, the British Queen Victoria issued a patent declaration of Melbourne city (City of Melbourne) was founded, later to become the capital of the newly established state of Vitoria. The name of Melbourne, commemorates the British Prime Minister William · Lamb – second generation of Melbourne. In Commonwealth of Australia, from 1901 to 1927, Melbourne was the capital of australia. 1927, the Australian capital moved to Canberra. In 1880s, Melbourne was a highly developed city, once the richest city in the world, and one of the most populous cities in the British empire. Gold mining area is the main gold rush area in Australia, there are many historic towns and buildings. Not far from Melbourne, there are plenty of streets, quaint buildings, gardens, art galleries, festivals and world-class attractions. 150 years ago in the middle of the Vitoria gold rush, in Ballarat and Bandigo (Bendigo) on the main street left many unique hotels and public buildings. There are a lot of historic gardens, farms and huge shops. In some small towns, such as Maldon, Castlemaine and Stawell, the miners lived in the cabin is still visible. Hill (Sovereign) is one of the main attractions of the region, you can come here to understand the history of gold rush. And Yuri Center (Eureka Centre) and the central Mine gold (Central Deborah Gold) will tell you about 1850s to 60s between the ground and underground scene of life. Leave the mining area, you can take a break in a local cafe or restaurant, taste the traditional pie. There are many famous.相关的主题文章: