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Takuma victory, starring Hashimoto Nadou diffuse change film by Takuma victory (Sexy Zone) and Hashimoto Na as "reality film starring double spring event in March 4, 2017 will be the reasoning book" Japan’s national public release, the film adapted from the novel of the same name at the beginning of the wild. The hero of the story is not very reliable but very kind of American man Chun Chun (Misaki Sato) and a strong and lively female high school students and thousands of summer (Hashimoto). Two people like to meet again in high school opening ceremony of fate, later joined the music department and through music to express the feelings of the pure love story. As the original story of the film, feeling rich and delicate high school students have experienced setbacks, pain, and spring chinatsu Taihe first, will be carrying the music to show. During the filming of the film, two beginners on their own instruments carried out a high intensity training. Misaki Sato is the French horn, and the bridge is the flute, they use weekly free time to go to class, has started 4 months before the start of the practice, they have reached the level can make the perfect play in the play. In particular the video public, we can see the ghost crying and strong emulative spring Taihe chinatsu the character opposite childhood sweetheart growth, but also on the bus almost close enough to kiss the face window thump, inadvertently staring, spring too comforting chinatsu so exciting picture. [source: Japan pass]相关的主题文章: