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Business To reduce 60 percent of green house gas in our country, we need to reduce the sulfur dioxide emission in power plant and steel plant. Raymond mill plays a great part in processing industrial raw material and in energy production. The improvement of efficiency will be central to save resource and energy. In recent years, grinding industry in mining machinery has already undergone the extensive development which relies on low labor price and environmental deterioration. The mining machinery industry now follows closely the international trend of low carbon economy. At present, the industrial milling industry market now experiences rapid development while the demand for energy-saving, environmental protection and low consumption is on the rise, therefore, the industrial milling equipment with high technological content will meet its golden time for a better future. With the forthcoming of new energy promotion plan and the adjustment of related development goals, it is predicted that China will totally invest over 3 trillion Yuan in new energy field. Under current context, the economic development demands for more energy than ever, this accordingly triggers the mining construction boom and the hot market for grinding equipment. According to the hardness and fineness of the materials being processed and discharging materials fineness and the final yield, milling equipment can be divided into the following category namely Raymond mill, high pressure medium speed mil, high-pressure powder mil, hyper pressure in the V-type mill and ring medium speed mil. Hongxing Mining Machinery has years of experience in milling equipment production with constantly updated equipment and continuous improvement in technology. The equipment produced by our company aims at saving energy and protecting the environment and strictly follows the national energy-saving and emission reduction policy. The milling equipment now plays a crucial role in flue gas desulfurization in power plant over the years. The Raymond mill can grinding the qualified limestone, gypsum, lime grinding into a certain fineness of industrial dust removal and desulfurization powder, which turns the harmful gas in existing power plants into useful industrial by-products calcium sulfide through this desulfurization powder mix so as to transform waste into wealth as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. mobile crushers:.www.crusher-machine.com/12.html cone crushers:..hxjqchina../product-list_19.htmlHongxing Mining Machinery is moving towards the forefront of the industry with constantly technological innovation. Meanwhile, Hongxing .pany introduces the modern scientific management and cooperates with colleges and science and research institute. After years of research and experiment, Hongxing has designed and developed a great amount of crushing and milling equipment with advanced technology. Our milling machines are used in thermal power and steel .panies for grinding, crushing and screening the desulfurization limestone and lime. We produce the world largest and newest industrial milling machines which are particularly suitable in large scale limestone crushing and milling. Our products are favored by the majority of power plants and iron and steel enterprises. Our .pany is going to lead the new situation of energy saving.As the professional manufacturer of .plete sets of mining machinery, such as jaw crushers , Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: