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There is no red photo Teaser killer –IT– original title: red photo, there is no killer tease Alipay is said to be very nervous, need not. Red packets photos, WeChat is another nuclear deterrent, but it is only a "deterrent", it will not become the norm, even if become the norm, but also failed to poke WeChat commercial pain point. What’s more, WeChat himself is playful: we have only one day a year on New Year’s eve. The terrible thing is WeChat’s core assets: WeChat group, public number and friends circle, not red envelopes photos. Especially in the circle of friends, called China Mobile Internet users spend the longest time each day, not too much. But in the past, the circle of friends is the presence of C2C, in addition to point praise and comments, even if the social attribute is again strong, natural attribute of the circle of friends is not a business. Then, let WeChat advertising circle of friends to achieve commercial trial in the B2C mode, but this attempt can only make the customer price, to the user experience, WeChat did not dare to send 20 ads a day, will not become the decline of micro-blog, because it lost. In particular, the B2C model of the circle of friends advertising is easy to reach the growth ceiling, can bring WeChat commercial support is limited. The essence of WeChat is social, not selling Tmall Jingdong, in the user habits, every day to open several times WeChat "discovery" channel shopping, which has been seen decline. Similarly, the public number with B2C model is recognized by Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat. It is a biased product. The media marketing attribute is so popular that the selling businesses are also obsessed with marketing, rather than how to complete online transactions. Otherwise, why WeChat is playing the application number idea?. Red card pictures only test the possibility of friends circle access payment interface, pay the normal is a false proposition, friend transfer is not pay ecology. There is a transaction called ecology, WeChat can do anything, but the only dare to do is forcing the user trading scene. Let friends circle into trading market, there are only two methods: WeChat mandatory push shop (B shop or C shop), or is the user’s friends are all micro business, no matter what kind of, WeChat will not do. But there is no way, the answer is in the application number, the answer is more in WeChat search. This one from WeChat to Baidu, Baidu, Ali Ali, because the core is the general search: search and shopping search, is not Taobao or Tmall home page "double 11" promotion, the search is still one of the current application scenarios China Internet allows users to participate in the strongest sense, but also to various requirements (needs are being met or whether it is controlled, it is another topic). The focus of the application background is to cooperate with the business and standardization, and the focus of the front desk is how to connect with users through WeChat search. Now, it seems, WeChat search is restrained, its information search is basically the public number, friends circle and other self generated content; and commercial search also depends on reconstruction, hope in the application number. So, for the red photo, Alipay does not have to be afraid of, between the user money and turn into the business ecosystem, and to never reach users, WeChat Alipay who are not afraid of who but taking hold.

红包照片,有挑逗无杀伤–IT–人民网 原标题:红包照片,有挑逗无杀伤   据说支付宝很紧张,大可不必。   红包照片,是微信的又一次核威慑,但也仅仅是个“威慑”,它不会成为常态,即便成为常态,也戳不到微信商业化痛点。何况微信自己也俏皮:我们除夕约,一年只有一天。   可怕的是微信核心资产:微信群、公众号和朋友圈,而不是红包照片。尤其是朋友圈,称之为中国移动互联网用户每天花费时间最长所在,并不过分。   但在过往,朋友圈是C2C的存在,除了点赞和评论,即便社交属性再强,朋友圈的天然属性并不是生意。   而后,朋友圈广告让微信在B2C模式上实现商业化尝试,但这种尝试只能在客单价上做文章,为了用户体验,微信不敢一天发送20条广告,绝不会变成那个没落的微博,因为变了也就败了。   尤其在于,B2C模式的朋友圈广告非常容易到达成长天花板,能给微信商业化带来的支撑有限。微信的本质是社交,并不是卖东西的天猫京东,在用户习惯上,每天打开几次微信“发现”频道的“购物”,这一直被人看衰。   同样具备B2C模式的公众号,被“微信之父”张小龙承认是个走偏了的产品,媒介营销属性大行其道,以至于卖东西的商家也醉心营销,而不想着怎样线上完成交易。否则,微信为何又打起应用号的主意。   红包图片只是测试了朋友圈接入支付接口的可能性,支付常态是个伪命题,朋友转账更算不上支付生态。有交易才叫生态,微信什么都可以做,但惟一不敢做的就是强迫给用户交易场景。   让朋友圈变成交易市场,方法只有两个:微信强制推送店铺(B店或者C店),要么就是用户的好友全是微商,无论哪一种,微信都不会干。   但并非没有办法,答案就在应用号,答案更在微信搜索。这一块微信要向百度、阿里取经,因为百度、阿里的核心就是搜索:通用搜索和购物搜索,绝不是淘宝首页或者天猫“双11”促销,搜索仍然是目前中国互联网领域让用户参与感最强的应用场景之一,而且直达各种需求(需求是否被满足或者是否被控制,则是另外的话题)。   应用号后台的重点在于跟商家的合作与标准化,而前台的重点就是怎样通过微信搜索与用户连接。如今看来,微信搜索是克制的,其信息搜索基本是公众号、朋友圈等自生内容;而商业搜索还有赖于再建,希望就在应用号。   所以,对于红包照片,支付宝不必害怕,用户之间钱财的转来转去永远构不成商业生态,拿住用户,微信支付宝谁都不怯谁,但拿住商家才拿住变现的未来。相关的主题文章: