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News-and-Society Reliance Foundation is indulging in varied activities to protect and enhance the culture and heritage of India.Being the oldest civilization in the world, India is rich in its arts, culture and heritage. UNESCO has recognized 29 heritage sites across the country out of which 23 are cultural while six are natural sites. Understanding the need and importance, Reliance Foundation has conducted varied events promoting arts, culture and heritage. The foundation feels, that Indias priceless culture should be widely popularized and also connect with the youth and children. Some of the steps it took to promote the culture are as follows. Annual musical concert Reliance Foundation extends its heartfelt support to conduct the yearly concert of UstadZakirHusain. The concert named as Abbaji is a tribute to his legendary father, maestro Ustad Allah Rakha Khan. It is one of the ways to pay homage to the cultural legends of India and honor and promote their talents. Egyptian exhibition In November 2012, Reliance Foundation along with BP held the internationally popular exhibition at Mumbais nine decades old museum, ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharajVastuSangrahalaya. The Sangrahalaya collaborated with British Museum for the exhibition. The exhibition was called Mummy: The InsideStory. The main attraction of the exhibition was an old coffin of priest Nesperennub, who died 3 millenniums ago. Through the use of x-rays, CT scans and advanced computer technology, the audiences could see a virtual unwrap and then the mummification process of Egypt. The history of Egypt was also shown through a 3D movie. The exhibition continued for 3 months and saw 4.5 lakhs footfalls. Out of these, 1 lakh were students who came from 300 schools,to visit the museum. Music album Reliance Foundation has launched the musical album Infinite Love along with the Academy Award winner, A. R. Rahman. This album aims to foster and spread the message of love and brotherhood. It conceptualizes the idea of a world without borders. Cultural festival Reliance Foundation associated itself with the annual Elephanta Festival held on 2nd and 3rd March, 2013 by being its lead sponsor. The festival was held at the Elephanta Island, situated alongside the World Heritage Site of Elephanta Cave. This is an event that popularizes India as a nation of rich artistry, talent and culture, world over. It is a celebration of the heritage of art, sculpture and dance of India. Eminent classical artists showcased their talents in the event. Some of the performances were SaraswatiVandana by ShwetaPandit, classical dance by ParvathyDutta and Vaishnamoperformance by five popular classical musicians. Besides, there were performances of Pt. PrabhakaKarekar, ManjariChaturvedi and RanjitBarot, too. Around 2000 people attended the event. Reliance Foundation Reliance Industries focuses on sustainable development for India. To boost its activities and give it a shape, it established Reliance Foundation in 2010. Reliance Foundation aims to bring transformative change and build an inclusive India. The philanthropic organization works for the overall development of the marginalized sections of the society. It lays emphasis on its five core pillars. These include Health, Education, Urban Renewal, Rural Transformation and Arts, Culture and Heritage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: